Kelly, Byrne, and Ryan going strong, while Murphy retains top spot for more than 100 years. Did your Irish surname top the list of the most popular family names in Ireland? 

The surname Murphy is still number one in Ireland—even after more than 100 years—followed closely by Kelly, Byrne, and Ryan. The top Irish surname results come from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) who compiled the data from the baby's names registered in 2014.

Being at the top spot for over 100 years, it’s no wonder there are well over 50,000 bearers of the name in Ireland alone. However, there are more Murphys in the United States than in Ireland. The CSO found that in 2014, of the 67,462 births registered, 767 babies were named Murphy, 633 under Kelly, and 552 under Byrne. Also in the top ten were Ryan, O'Brien, Walsh, O'Sullivan, O'Connor, Doyle, and McCarthy.

According to the CSO, the baby names Jack and Emily were the most popular baby names. Jack has held the top position since 2007 while Emily has remained in the top spot since 2011. In the wider EU region, the most popular baby names are Muhammad for a boy and Maya for a girl.

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Here are the top 20 family names in Ireland:

1. Murphy

2. Kelly

3. Byrne

4. Ryan

5. O'Brien

6. Walsh

7. O'Sullivan

8. O'Connor

9. Doyle

10. McCarthy

11. O'Neill

12. Lynch

13. O'Reilly

14. Dunne

15. McDonagh

16. Brennan

17. Fitzgerald

18. Daly

19. Kavanagh

20. Nolan

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* Originally published in July 2015.

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