Everything you need to know about the Irish surname O'Connor - its meaning, origins, interesting facts, and famous people with the last name O'Connor.

Irish derivation of O'Connor:

Ó Conchobhair.

Name meaning of O'Connor:

"Descendant of Conchobhair," meaning dog lover.

Counties associated with the name O'Connor:

Limerick, Clare, Kerry, and Cork.

O'Connor coat of arms motto:

From God every help.

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Interesting facts about the Irish last name O'Connor:

  • Without the O’ prefix, it is a popular first name for boys in English speaking countries.
  • There were at least five unrelated Ó Conchobhair families originally. They were located in Derry, Sligo/Roscommon, Offaly/Laois, Clare, and Kerry.
  • Considered to be historically the most important of all Irish surnames as Conchobhar, King of Connacht, who died in battle in 971 A.D., was the last king from the true Irish monarchy.

Some famous O'Connors:

  • Sandra Day O'Connor (1930, first woman justice of the US Supreme Court)
  • Edwin O'Connor (1918-1968, American writer and radio personality, winner of Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1962)
  • Frank O'Connor (1903-1966)
  • Patrick Edward O'Connor (1820-1871, American pioneer, Civil war soldier)
  • Sinead O'Connor (1966, Irish singer)

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