Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Walsh

Irish derivation: Ó Breathnach

Name meaning: "Breton," "Welshman," or "Foreigner"

Counties associated with the surname Walsh: Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Kilkenny, Limerick, Mayo, Offaly, Sligo, Tipperary 

Coat of arms motto: Transfixed, but not dead.

Interesting Facts about the surname Walsh:

  • It's the fourth most common surname in Ireland
  • The French government distinguished an Irish immigrant Walsh family in the 1700s for their efforts in the French army.
  • The name was used in particular to denote the Welshmen who arrived in Ireland in the wake of Strongbow’s Anglo-Norman invasion of 1170.
  • Common variants include Walshe, Welsh, Brannagh, and Breathnach.

Famous Walshes/Branaghs:

  • Kenneth Branagh (1960-) Northern Irish actor
  • John Walsh (1945-) host of America's Most Wanted'
  • Kate Walsh (1967-) American actress
  • Kimberly Walsh (1981-)British singer
  • Maria Elena Walsh (1930-2011) Argentine singer and writer
  • Marty Walsh (1967-) Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Norman Walsh (1932-2010) Rhodesian/Zimbabwean air marshal

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