Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Murphy - its meaning, origins, interesting facts and famous people with the last name Murphy.

Irish derivation: Ó Murchadha.

Name meaning: "Descendant of the sea warrior."

Counties associated with the name: Cork, Wexford, Roscommon, and Tyrone.

Coat of arms motto: Brave and hospitable.

Interesting Facts:

- It's the most common name in Ireland. There are well over 50,000 bearers of the name in Ireland alone.

- There are more Murphys in the USA than in Ireland.

- "Murphy's Law" is named after Edward Murphy Jr. It derived from the  US Air Force tried to test human tolerance to acceleration, and the project went awry.

- The "Murphy Bed" was the name of the concept to put one's bed in the wall to make space for other belongings.

Some famous Murphys:

- Sean O Murchadha na Raithineach (b. 1700 last recognized head of the Blarney bards)

- Patrick Murphy (b.1834 "tallest man in Europe" at 8'1")

- Charles Francis Murphy (1858-1924 Tammany Hall leader)

- Audie Murphy (1924-1971 most decorated World War II vet)

- Cillian Murphy (1976 Hollywood actor)

- Róisín Murphy (born 1973, Irish electronica singer, songwriter, and producer)

- Eddie Murphy (American actor)

* Originally published in 2014.

Here are some interesting facts about the Irish last name Murphy, including its history, family crest, coat of arms, and famous clan members. IrishCentral