Cathy Maguire sings "Hometown on the Foyle" in  memory of the late John Hume

Irish singer Cathy Maguire has shared a beautiful tribute to the late John Hume with her cover of “Hometown on the Foyle.”

The video Maguire shared features poignant pictures and footage of the life and work John Hume, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998 for his work in helping usher Northern Ireland into an era of peace after The Troubles.

John Hume passed away in Ireland on August 3, 2020, at the age of 83. His life was celebrated at a funeral in his native Derry on August 5, 2020.

Maguire, a native of Co Louth, says: “John Hume was a remarkable man and helped pave the path to the Good Friday Peace Agreement.  

“I grew up just south of the border during The Troubles in Northern Ireland and this agreement was life-changing for our generation.

"Rest in peace John. Your work here is done.”

You can watch the video, provided courtesy of Cathy Maguire, here:

Lyrics to "Hometown on the Foyle"

As the train pulls out today from Derry city,
A thousand memories linger in my mind,
Why do I have to go, it's such a pity,
And all the dear old friends I leave behind

As I gaze across the harbor I'm recalling,
Familiar names like Doherty and Coyle,
Through misty eyes I feel the teardrops falling,
Goodbye to my old hometown on the Foyle

The spire of Saint Eugene's seems to vanish,
In the distance o’er the city seems so high,
My childhood dreams, they never seemed to vanish,
When I wondered if they reached up to the sky.

Many thousand miles I've traveled on my journey,
To a new home on the wild Australian soil,
But never can I hope to lose the yearning,
To return to my old hometown on the Foyle

No, never can I hope to lose the yearning,
To return to my old hometown on the Foyle.

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