Irish humor is helping Ireland to come to terms with the impact of Storm Ophelia

With a further Atlantic Storm, Storm Brian, set to hit Ireland by this weekend, the Irish are still reeling from Storm Ophelia and its devastation across the country. As communities grieve for the three fatalities, thousands remain with electricity, and an increasing number are left without a water supply.

The worst storm to hit Ireland in 50 years, Ophelia wrought damage to Ireland that is expected to reach up to $1 billion in reconstruction while many are concerned that not enough was done to protect the homeless from the intense weather conditions.

If there was ever a time for some Irish humor, this is it, and so we’ve compiled some of the best Ophelia takes to help keep Irish spirits up.

Stay safe, check in on your neighbors, and make sure to share with anybody you think needs cheering up right now.

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#Ophelia the best thing about this hurricane so far is all the Irish massively taking the piss

— never be dull (@neverbedull) October 16, 2017

Ireland continues to react to Ophelia with good humor -

We cannot confirm if this is a legitimate text sent by a priest but we’re hoping against all hopes that it is:

The priest just sent out a text: "In 9 months time, if ye want ta call ye'er new children #Ophelia, ye'll have ta go ta a new parish"

— Aul Wans at Wakes (@Countrywakes) October 16, 2017

With schools and most businesses closed, one cheeky commuter wanted to check with the Irish rail service whether he’d have the day off or not:

I think we've reached peak #Ophelia Irishness here.

— Seamus Ryan (@meanderingtripe) October 16, 2017

We couldn’t let this opportunity pass without having a go at Trump:

She’s going to be a wild one! ⚠️🌊
Latest #Ophelia forecast ⬇️

— Paulo Ross (@paulorossradio) October 15, 2017

While others really enjoyed the thought of being safely inside while the storm raged outside:

Is there anything nicer than been tucked up in bed while your wheely bin flies passed your bedroom window?!! 😍 Goodnight #Ophelia 🌪🌬🌧

— Lynda McCormack (@lyndammc) October 16, 2017

My wife hasn't stopped staring through the window since this storm started. If it gets any worse I'm going to have to let her in. #Ophelia

— The Filling Station (@FSCKeswick) October 16, 2017

Many were lamenting the items lost from their gardens:

Trampoline for sale. £50
Lurgan area.
Portadown area.
Wait...hang on.....
Dungannon area. #Ophelia

— Wee Seán the Barber (@cambridgebarber) October 16, 2017

And we had yet more hits at the English:

Ireland: national emergency, 3 dead, roofs ripped off houses.

England: "sky is red"

😂 #ophelia

— Eoghan Mac Mahon (@EoghanFromTaken) October 17, 2017

And our Irish politicians:

Reassuring words from our head of state in these uncertain times #Ophelia

— Ciara (@Ciara_Knight) October 16, 2017

Reassuring words from our head of state in these uncertain times #Ophelia

— Ciara (@Ciara_Knight) October 16, 2017

Danny Healy Rae Summoning Two Of Evey Animal To Kilgarvan #Ophelia

— Mallow News (@MallowNews) October 15, 2017

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The was a return of the masked man behind famed RTÉ newscaster Teresa Mannion:

When #Ophelia hits & you still plan on robbing the bank

📸: @Aoifs123

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) October 16, 2017

Some were lamenting the loss of electricity in a strange way (these candles are ridiculously pricey):

The only candle in my house is a Jo Malone... If power goes it would have been cheaper to buy a feckin generator #Ophelia

— Damien O'Connor (@ratskins) October 16, 2017

The Irish housing market could not escape: Confirm Houses Missing Roofs Now Classified As ‘Convertibles’ #Ophelia

— Mallow News (@MallowNews) October 16, 2017

Auctioneer's 'For Sale' sign just blew into my garden. Already there's 20 queuing and I'm reliably informed 3 are cash buyers.#Ophelia

— Cathal Keogh (@cathalkeogh) October 16, 2017

While some businesses made sure their customers knew they were closed:

Chippers everywhere #Ophelia

— Carol 💋 (@Carol_xox) October 16, 2017

The amateur weather reports were out in force:  

Monaghan man confirms ''tis fierce windy" #ophelia @JOEdotie @ThisisiRadio

— Katherine Doherty (@katherinedoh98) October 16, 2017

Christ lads she'll be shwingin' later...#Ophelia

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) October 16, 2017

Was it truly great drying weather?

15 peg towel test at 11am, not much to report #Ophelia

— Tadhg Madden™ (@tigertullow) October 16, 2017

Some Irish people weren’t happy that the schools were still closed today:

An absolute disgrace that #Ophelia, #Opehlia AND #Opheila are trending. Open the schools at once.

— Conor McLaughlin (@CMcLaughlin84) October 16, 2017

Should we really be closing our schools when #Ophelia is trending number one in Ireland and #Opehlia number two..

— John Breen (@breen_john) October 15, 2017

With the closure of schools tomorrow #Ophelia has been upgraded by my children from Category 3 Storm to Saint

— Philip Boucher-Hayes (@boucherhayes) October 15, 2017

There was plenty of tea and Tayto:

Emergency services being rushed to Kerry! #Ophelia

— Koci (@Koci71) October 16, 2017

She’s going to be a wild one! ⚠️🌊
Latest #Ophelia forecast ⬇️

— Paulo Ross (@paulorossradio) October 15, 2017

World: Dangerous deadly storm heading right for you, Ireland

Ireland: Do we get the day off?

World: Well yes but

Ireland: Yeooo#Ophelia

— Jack McFadden (@ledzeppjack) October 15, 2017

I'm surprised this hasn't been done tbh.... Best be prepared #Ophelia

— 🌟 Simon 🌟 (@TheSimonC90) October 15, 2017

And when the time came, we were happy to pass the baton along to our friends in Scotland:

Scottish twitter, it's over to you. You have big shoes to fill #Ophelia #IrishTwitter

— Eoin Kelleher (@eoinyk) October 16, 2017

Again, massive thanks to the amazing Irish emergency services who worked so hard to keep the country safe:

Spare a thought today for all the fantastic emergency responders nationwide who are facing into #Ophelia as we all hide from it, true heroes

— Ciamhie Mc Digital (@CiamhieMc) October 16, 2017

How were you affected by Ophelia? Tell us how and where you weathered out the storm in the comments section, below.