The American Brexit Committee has written to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken urging him to use his voice to signal American opposition to recent British actions. 

The American Brexit Committee's Chairman John Corcoran said in a statement on July 10: “The trade, peace and justice issues involving the century old colony of N.I. will be job one for Britain’s new Prime Minister."

The Committee says that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken "has spoken obliquely and with restraint about Britain’s disrespect for international law and failure to promote dialogue on Ireland and EU obligations. "

The Committee continued: "England’s exit from the EU requires the US to rethink America’s many military and intelligence contracts as well as trade priorities with a Britain that is proving to be an unreliable trade partner in the 3rd largest economy in the world.” 

Mike Cummings, Committee Secretary, said: “British leaders can continue to ignore the self-harm of Brexit. America, however, must not be imprisoned by a special relationship infused with imperial yearnings and irredenta politics. The US needs a partner focused on prosperity secured with democracy, the rule of law, free trade and the protection of human rights. The European Union is such a partner.” 

Below is the letter issued to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on July 5 by the American Brexit Committee's Chairman John M. Corcoran and Secretary Michael J. Cummings:

Dear Secretary Blinken:  

This is with reference to our letter of February 2, 2022 and the continuing deterioration of the Irish peace process. In the ensuing months there has not been any significant show of concern much less comment from the Department of State other than an insipid appeal for dialogue. Surely by now you must realize Britain’s intentions could not be clearer. What was initially thought to be Boris’ Brexit buffoonery and political grandstanding has unfolded in two ways fundamentally antithetical to the principles of democracy and to the rule of law. 

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has claimed that the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) to the EU-UK Withdrawal Treaty of 2020 is not fit for purpose and has claimed a ‘necessity’ to absolve itself from its provisions and the obligations of international law. She has taken this action unilaterally without reference to concerns of the EU and to the Republic of Ireland and without evidence of a hardship or harm that would remotely justify such a drastic action.  

The British Home Secretary Priti Patel, in a related and some might say companion action, is preparing for Parliament a statute that will end all investigations and prosecutions of killings of civilians---British Subjects and Irish citizens--- in Northern Ireland. Its primary purpose is to cover-up a legacy of lawless collusion between British security services and loyalist terrorists involved in nearly 1000 killings never or barely investigated. A SPYCOPS law adopted in 2019 has already retroactively absolved British spies in NI of acts of rape, torture or murder. The purpose of these actions is to ensure the full extent of British criminality is never revealed and Her Majesty’s government is released of any civil liability. Indeed, many consider this action primary and the folly of Britain’s exit from the EU a distraction gone terribly bad.  

Mr. Secretary, it begs belief that you raise your voice against those who corrupt the rule of law or who oppose and obstruct democracy all over the world, but remain silent to this frontal assault on both by a nation who could hardly be called “special” to Americans. We urge your public voice and American opposition to these British actions. Britain’s insinuation/infiltration of the military, intelligence and diplomatic institutions of our Country should not make us afraid to tell the truth of the colonial anachronism of Northern Ireland and the legacy of lies that has sustained it for 100 years.

About the American Brexit Committee

Consisting of 250 members, the American Brexit Committee says it consists of citizens who see an historic opportunity for the United States: (1) to challenge the assumptions regarding UK implementation of various Brexit policies and to raise questions over their short and long term impact; (2) to promote US leadership in giving added voice to Ireland’s concerns for the consequences of Britain’s Brexit policies and to assist in minimizing their impact; and (3) to strengthen the integrity of the Irish peace process by demanding compliance with Treaty requirements of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.