Sinn Féin’s remarkable performance in the Irish election also marks the utter defeat of the Irish revisionist historians and commentators who have spent their lives convincing Irish voters that the Republicans were evil incarnate.

After Ireland's general election their worst nightmares - Sinn Féin in government north and south - seem likely to be realized and what followed was an Edward Munch primal scream.

Their cock-eyed view of Irish history lay in ruins.  By their lights, the Orange State to the north was a perfectly legitimate entity and Northern Catholics should accept their fate like good little croppies.

Unionists were the true heroes, and the less the south had to do with the whole mess the better.  If it involved censorship and banning Sinn Féin from the airwaves, so be it.

The revisionists were incredibly anti-peace process because it destroyed their conceit that Sinn Féin was not capable of political thought but were just a bunch of murdering goons.

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When Social Democratic and Labour Party leader John Hume had the temerity to meet Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, the very embodiment of evil, there were no fewer than 15 articles in one edition of the best selling Sunday Independent attacking the future Nobel Prize winner for his temerity to try to make peace.

Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.

Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.

There was only one glorious, holy and irrefutable aim - the IRA was to be defeated and republicans forced to retreat to their hovels and pay due homage to their Orange and British masters.

In the week leading up to the Irish election, the revisionists were out in full force warning of the dire consequences if the electorate had the temerity to vote for Sinn Fein.

It was the usual ungallant band lead by Eoghan Harris, the Sunday Independent newspaper columnist who opened his column the day after the election writing the following,

“One of the most indelible images of the Holocaust shows American GIs escorting shocked and sobbing German civilians past piled skeletal bodies in a concentration camp.

“March them past the bodies. The general election proved this is the best way to protect this gullible generation from the poison of Sinn Fein, the puppet party of the Provisional army council.”

Which bodies I wonder? The Derry Bloody Sunday ones perhaps? There was no monopoly on killing in the North sad to say.

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It's laughable, foaming at the mouth stuff, but Harris has been a very influential figure in the almost 50-year attempt to silence Northern nationalism, and rumor has it that Fianna Fail leader Michaél Martin has been sipping from the poisonous cup.

But Harris was not alone.

Here is what his sidekick Ruth Dudley Edwards wrote in the Belfast Telegraph:

“Today I am ashamed of my country, a vast number of whose voters have intentionally or unwittingly just endorsed a fascist party. This reminds many who know Sinn Fein as puppets of the IRA Army Council of Germany in 1932, when the Nazi party became the largest in parliament: Hitler became chancellor in January 1933 and wasted no time in establishing his brutal dictatorship...”

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald strutting around as Hitler is far fetched, but did you know Sinn Fein was also in the priest pedophile cover-up game?

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald.

That's according to another Harris disciple Eilis O’Hanlon, who wrote also in the Independent, “They might think the rampant sexual abuse of women and men, which was rampant during the Troubles, and which SF helped cover-up by spiriting abusers to other parishes, is ancient history.  It's not to the victims.“

There you go.  The Irish people have just elected Nazi pedophiles as their likely leaders. How did we miss all that?

Say one thing for the young Irish: they are neither cowed or impressed by revisionists who have called everything arseways from the beginning of The Troubles. It's clear which version of history is the correct one now.

Lordy, what venom and what arrogance these people display to presume to lecture the younger generation of Irish as to who and what they might vote for. But they got their answer.

Revisionism is dead.  The Irish electorate just killed it.

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