Conan O'Brien will make his Irish TV drama debut later in April when he appears on TG4's long-running Irish-language soap opera "Ros na Rún."

O'Brien plays a stubborn delivery man warring with publican Tadhg Ó Direáin in Ros na Rún's famous pub Tigh Thaidhg in the episode of the popular Irish language show that will air on Tuesday, April 30 at 8:30 pm.

The Irish American funnyman filmed his "Ros na Rún" cameo on the production's set in An Spidéal in the Connemara Gaeltacht on January 9. The Boston native was in Ireland filming for his upcoming Max show "Conan O'Brien Must Go," where one episode will see him tracing his roots in Co Limerick and visiting some of Ireland's most popular sites

Ahead of filming, O'Brien engaged in a tour of the purpose-built "Ros na Rún" set before meeting the team and spending time with Production Manager Mairead Campbell and linguistics coach Kevin Hussey, who coached and challenged him to learn his first lines as Gaeilge.

Not surprisingly, rehearsals were said to be full of laughter and lots of applause as O’Brien firmly stepped into his role as a delivery man in "Ros na Rún."

Conan O'Brien filming "Ros na Rún."

Conan O'Brien filming "Ros na Rún."

O'Brien's upcoming appearance on "Ros na Run" has been deemed a "huge endorsement" for the TG4 drama series, which is a co-production between Galway-based Independent production company Danú Media and Dublin’s Tyrone Productions.

"Getting to work with the cast and crew of ‘Ros Na Run’ was a delightful highlight of my trip to Ireland," O'Brien said in a statement.

He added: "I apologize in advance for inadvertently butchering my Mother Tongue."

Conan O'Brien filming for "Ros na Rún."

Conan O'Brien filming for "Ros na Rún."

Marion Ní Loingsigh, "Ros na Rún" Series Producer, said: "It was thrilling to get the request from Conan O’Brien that he wanted to have a cameo appearance in Season 28.

"Who better to pair the famous US TV personality and Comedian with than our very own leading legend Tadhg O’Direán, played by Macdara O Fatharta.

"It was fun to create and film and audiences will see a perfect delivery of Gaeilge by HBO’s Conan O’Brien in what is an abrupt but entertaining exchange with Tadhg." 

Mairead Campbell, "Ros na Rún" production manager, added: “We were beyond thrilled to host Conan O’Brien.

“Two stalwarts of TV on either side of the Atlantic, deeply rooted in their respective Irish heritage and culture, and bringing our beautiful Irish Language and Ros na Rún, TG4’s drama series, to a brand new worldwide audience, we could not have had a better start to 2024.”

While O’Brien features alongside Tadhg O’Direáin in "Ros na Rún" on April 30, "Ros na Rún" will also feature on "Conan O'Brien Must Go" on April 18, bringing the Irish language and rural drama series to a new international and American audience.

Check out the trailer for "Conan O'Brien Must Go" here: