Irish American funnyman Conan O’Brien is the latest guest to have appeared on “Hot Ones,” the YouTube series where host Sean Evans interviews guests as they eat successively hotter hot wings.

“I grew up in an Irish house, an Irish Catholic home in Boston,” O’Brien said when Evans asked 'how he is around hot sauce.'

“I never saw spice until I was about 52 years old.

“So, terrible with hot food. I grew up on tasteless food so this is a whole new experience for me.”

Surprisingly, O’Brien coped well with the progressively hotter hot sauces as the interview continued, even tucking a few wings into his jacket pocket for safekeeping.

“I’m getting nothing here,” O'Brien, trying the first hot sauce, said.

“I don’t fear your wings, man,” he added with a smile. “Bring what you got.”

Of course, O'Brien chatted about his new show “Conan O’Brien Must Go,” which debuts on Max on April 18, coincidentally O’Brien’s birthday.

The new series takes O’Brien to a number of foreign countries, including Ireland, where he explored his Irish roots while working his signature sense of humor on the locals in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and Tipperary.

“I love travel, and my mission is that you learn nothing about the country," O'Brien told Evans.

"My job is that you know less about the country after I’m done than when I started."

Deadpanned, he added: “You’re dumber after you see the show.”

The wide-ranging interview saw O'Brien discuss his time as a writer on SNL, as well as different chapters of his career as a talk show host. (Thankfully, O'Brien's "personal physician" was on hand for the interview in case things went awry.)

As the interview continued, O'Brien turned up his legendary physical comedy as he began to battle with some particularly hot hot wings.

He takes a swig directly from a bottle of hot sauce and smears some hot sauce between his hands and on his face and chest in an ill-advised attempt to prove the heat isn't getting to him.

However, O'Brien's physical reaction to the final hot sauce betrays his "braggadocious" claims that he's unbothered, as his face grows more red and his eyes begin to water.

"My intestines have turned into acid," he proclaimed at the end of the chat.

O’Brien’s appearance on “Hot Ones” trended on both X and YouTube after it was published on April 11.

You can watch Conan O'Brien on "Hot Ones" here:

Sharing the YouTube video on his X feed on Thursday, O’Brien said his insides would never be the same:

I did #HotOnes. My life (and my insides) will never be the same.

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) April 11, 2024