Conan O’Brien has been in Ireland this week, and the Irish American funnyman got tips from Galway woman Dawn McGoldrick on how to blend in with the Irish.

O’Brien was happy to pose for a selfie with McGoldrick, which she shared on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, January 9.

"Anyone know this lad?" McGoldrick jokingly posted on X, adding, "He bought me a pint and interviewed me at Tig Chóilí."

Anyone know this lad? He bought me a pint & interviewd me at @tighcoli

— Dawn 💚 Of the Tribes 🇮🇪 (@Dawn_Galway) January 9, 2024

McGoldrick shared a follow-up post of her chatting with O'Brien:

I was like "Conan loveens, let's go for a pint and I'll answer all your questions then" 💙

— Dawn 💚 Of the Tribes 🇮🇪 (@Dawn_Galway) January 9, 2024

McGoldrick told IrishCentral on Wednesday that she spotted the famous redhead on Shop Street in Galway City on Tuesday.

“He was just wandering up the street with his crew and I asked him if he minded me taking a selfie,” McGoldrick told IrishCentral.

“So he asked me where I was from and when I said Galway, born and reared here, he asked the crew to start filming our chat.

“Anyway, he was just asking me how he could blend in better and I said ditch the crew and have a pint in Tig Chóilí or Taaffes with the locals, so he said he would definitely be on for that.

“He asked me what the best part of being Irish was and I said the part we have no inhibitions really, we'll happily walk up to one of the most famous men on TV and if he’s sound, we'll have the craic! 

“So other than that it was just a bit of banter and he went off on his merry way again.”

McGoldrick noted that she sent her selfie with O’Brien to her mam, “and she just gave out to me for not wearing a coat.”

The Galway woman added: “I love Conan O'Brien, he's always been my favourite American TV host, and he really was as sound and down to earth as you'd imagine. 

“He's huge though, I'd say he had a creek in his neck after our chat.”

O'Brien has been sharing snaps from Ireland throughout the week on X since January 8, when he said he was in Dublin … where he’d been named ‘Ireland’s Next Top Model.’

I'm in Dublin, where I was just named "Ireland's Next Top Model."

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 8, 2024

O'Brien showed off his model good looks the following day with a picture in Co Galway after "24 hours of straight Guinness."

24 hours of straight Guinness and my face has doubled in size.

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 9, 2024

It seemed to be back to business for O'Brien on Wednesday when he met up with a top genealogist in Co Tipperary. "Turns out O'Brien is an Italian name," he joked.

Just researched my heritage with a top genealogist. Turns out O'Brien is an Italian name.

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 10, 2024

It's believed that O'Brien is in Ireland filming for his new travel show "Conan O'Brien Must Go." His previous travel show, "Conan Without Borders," won an Emmy in 2018 in addition to receiving an Emmy nomination the following year. 

O'Brien, a native of Boston, has frequently leaned into his Irish roots throughout his comedic career. In 1999, he filmed a segment in Ireland for "Late Night with Conan O’Brien," which saw him play a clueless American tourist.

O'Brien's paternal grandfather William O'Brien was from Co Cork and his paternal grandmother Mary McCallion was from Co Donegal.

The Irish American funnyman once claimed his doctor was stunned to see his DNA showed he was "100% Irish."