August 27, 2021

Legend of the Claddagh Ring at 26 Shop Street, Galway City

Visit Legend of the Claddagh Ring, a visitor center in Galway City, and watch master jewelry makers create the authentic Claddagh Ring.

Delve into the history and lore of this iconic ring at the Legend of the Claddagh Ring museum and visitor center in Galway, where you can learn where the ring first came from and what it has come to represent.

The Claddagh Ring has become iconic the world over thanks to the spread of the Irish across the globe. Consisting of three symbols, a heart, hands and a crown, these parts of the rings symbolize love, loyalty and friendship.

Find out about Richard Joyce and his incredible journey as he was taken away from his one true love and the story behind the ring he created with our Legend of the Claddagh Ring movie shown every twenty minutes.

Come see how a Claddagh Ring is made on the premises in their little traditional thatched Claddagh cottage, where a jeweler is busy creating authentic Claddagh Rings. 

Find your family’s coat of arms and discover when it means. Learn about the tribes of Galway and the Irish diaspora. Learn what way to wear a Claddagh Ring.

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