August 19, 2021

Cobwebs Fine & Antique Jewellery at Quay Lane, Galway

Phyllis MacNamara's passion and knowledge ensures customers have found the perfect jewels in Cobwebs Fine & Antique Jewellery for nearly fifty years.

Established in 1972, the renowned Cobwebs Fine & Antiques boasts a stunning stock of antique and modern jewels, a visit to which has become an experience not to be missed.

Phyllis MacNamara is the owner of Cobwebs Galway. Jewellery for Phyllis is more than a business – it’s a way of life. Her academic knowledge married to her passion and enthusiasm for these objects of beauty is infectious. 

"Just as I finished university, my sister decided to open an antique shop. I offered to help for a week – and stayed for 49 years," explained Phyllis.

Cobwebs has a passion for unique and interesting art and jewellery pieces regardless of era or provenance. Currently in Ireland, there are a number of highly skilled and immensely talented artists and jewelry designers with whom Cobwebs have formed close ties, showcasing their work to a wider audience. 

They include Grace Cunningham, an Irish artist specializing in canine and equine art as well as other animal portraiture.

Aswell as Séamus Gills, a jewelry designer whose work is hammered out of a flat sheet of metal using traditional age-old silversmithing skills.

Learn more about Cobwebs Fine & Antique Jewellery here.