July 30, 2021

Connemara Heartlands Gaeltacht, Galway

Located west of Galway City, in large tracts of Connemara, is Ireland’s second-largest Gaeltacht region. Here the Irish language lives on in songs and stories.

Connemara and the Islands offer a wide range of interesting activities to enjoy while exploring the spectacularly scenic region on Ireland’s wild west coast.  

Swing your shot on one of our many golf courses, cast your hook upon our abundant rivers and lakes or paddle your kayak along our rugged coastline.

Driving westwards along Galway’s coast, the variation in the landscape will strike you. On the left is the powerful Atlantic and to your right is Connemara, a scenic vista of bogs, valleys, and lakes.

Fishing villages nestle among the white sands, rocky headlands, and offshore islands while inland the landscape is a dense blanket bog with The Twelve Bens mountain range as its backdrop.

Still unspoiled and relatively unexplored, you will find clean beaches, scenic walks, and regardless of where you turn you are never far from the sea.

H/T: Connemara.ie