July 29, 2021

WATCH: Why you should visit The Aran Islands Gaeltacht in Co Galway

The Aran Islands Gaeltacht is a jewel on the Atlantic where the language and culture are preserved in safe and serene surroundings.

The Aran Islands are three rocky isles - Inis Mór (Inish-more), Inis Meáin (Inish-maan), and Inis Oírr (Inish-eer)-that guard the mouth of Galway Bay.

Inis Mór is the largest island and is the most popular spot for holidaymakers, but whichever island you decide to go to, you will be treated to rugged beauty, strong Irish heritage, and golden beaches.

The islands are native Gaeltacht areas, meaning the Irish language (Gaeilge) is still spoken as a community language, and its culture and traditions are very much alive and thriving. 

Gaeilge is the everyday spoken language of people who live and work on the island and locals switch from Irish to English and vice-versa with ease and their English is peppered with Gaeilge phrases.

Stay overnight on the Aran Islands (there is plenty to do), meet the friendly locals in the pubs, and learn a few words of the Irish language.

You can learn more about the Aran Islands here.