While the Dublin-NYC Portal may be switched off due to some "inappropriate behavior," one of the more wholesome interactions before it went dark saw Hozier (kind of) say hello from the Big Apple.

“Taking Hozier to see his homeland at the Dublin-to-NYC Portal,” the hilarious TikTok that’s gone viral says.

The video shows a person taking a cardboard cutout of Hozier, the singer-songwriter who hails from Co Wicklow, to the Portal in New York City to say hello to his countrymen watching on from Dublin.

The TikTok, which of course is backed by Hozier’s chart-topping hit “Too Sweet,” has racked up more than 421k views and 75k likes since being posted two days ago.

@thepovnyc u can take the man out of ireland… #hozier #hoziertok #newyorkportal ♬ id rather take my whiskey neat - char

Among the many comments on the TikTok post was one person asking to see Dublin’s POV of Hozier taking a peek from the Big Apple.

The POV NYC account was only happy to oblige the request.

The excitement was apparently a bit much for cardboard Hozier who fell to the ground, prompting gasps - and laughs - on the Dublin side.

@thepovnyc Replying to @vacoochie not the trust fall 😭 #hozier #hoziertok #newyorkportal ♬ id rather take my whiskey neat - char

Meanwhile, the non-cardboard Hozier is in the midst of his 'Unreal Unearth Tour' in the US - he has a gig in Saratoga, New York on May 19, another in Syracuse on May 21, and he'll be in Queens in NYC on June 4 and June 5.

It's unclear at the moment whether or not the Portal - which was shut off this week - will be operational when Hozier is actually in The Big Apple.

Launched on Wednesday, May 8, the Dublin - NYC Portal has made international headlines after users on both sides engaged in some 'inappropriate' behavior.

Dublin City Council announced on Monday that the Portal was set to undergo changes after a "very small minority of people engaged in inappropriate behaviour."

The "inappropriate behavior" included a person in Dublin flashing pictures of 9/11 and a person in NYC flashing her breasts.

However, the next day, the Council announced that the Portal was being switched off for a number of days after "the preferred solution, which would have involved blurring, was not satisfactory."