Everything you need to know about the Irish surname McCarthy

Irish derivation: Mac Cárthaigh.

Name meaning: "Son of the loving."

Counties associated with the name: Kerry and Cork.

Coat of arms motto: "Nothing is Difficult to the Brave and Faithful."

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Interesting facts about the McCarthy surname:

- McCarthyism is named for US Senator Joseph McCarthy, who pursued people he thought were members of a “communist conspiracy.”

- Fineen Mac Carthy Reagh, who was chief of the barony of Carbery in West Cork in 1572 and who resided at the famous Blarney Castle, is renowned for being the originator of the use of the word 'blarney' meaning a verbal smokescreen.

- McCarthy is the most popular "Mc" surname in Ireland.

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Some famous McCarthys:

  • Cormac McCarthy (b.1933, Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist)
  • Eugene McCarthy (1916–2005, U.S. Congressman and Senator)
  • Mick McCarthy (b.1959, Football player and manager, former manager of Republic of Ireland)
  • Nicholas McCarthy (b.1974, Guitarist of Scottish Indie band Franz Ferdinand)
  • Tommy McCarthy (1863–1922, Hall of Fame baseball outfielder)
  • Melissa McCarthy (1970-, Irish American actress)

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