Just days after Democrats Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2020 US Presidential Election the GOP's nasty campaign has begun. Sadly, it's bad news that sticks

Joe Biden had hardly announced when Glenn Beck called him “The Most Corrupt Vice President in History" and spun a complex tale of interaction between a company owned in part by Joe’s son Hunter Biden, that allegedly did deals with Ukrainian oligarchs and shady Chinese businessmen.

Beck went on an endless rant - it took him 16 minutes to outline the plot - but actually stated at the end no crime was committed. He instead said it was disgusting and ten times worse than anything the Clintons did.

Republican press pundit Glenn Beck.

Republican press pundit Glenn Beck.

That will be news to the Clintons who were accused of murder (Vince Foster) treason (betraying US consul in Libya) and of course high crimes deserving of impeachment (emails) to name a few.

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To cover up their paucity of policies, kill Obamacare, tax cuts for the rich, pollute the planet, renege on every international treaty, kiss Trump’s behind, etc, the GOP instead try and demonize Democrats. If you can’t win on policies win on lies, Russian help. Fake news or whatever else in the arsenal can be launched.

Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Bill and Hillary Clinton.

That Ukrainian oligarch’s tale where no crime was committed, is a perfect example. Beck believes this trash can of manure disqualifies Biden from the presidency. The sad part is that it might.

Welcome to the presidential race in the Trump era, Joe.

As the front runner and apparently the opponent Trump fears the most, the right are only starting on Biden.

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A new era in vicious US politics

Hey let’s be honest, politics ain't beanbag but lately, it has gotten very foul indeed. Democrats do their share, but there is a viciousness and purpose to the GOP side attacks that make clear it is about power at all costs.

The allegation about Biden is absurd but that doesn’t mean it won’t impact. The GOP have won time and again by painting a black portrait of their enemies. They consign them all to the first circle of hell.

Taking down John Kerry

John Kerry.

John Kerry.

There are no plaster saints in politics, but John Kerry was as close to being incorruptible as any politician in the modern era.

Having married Teresa Heinz, heir to the Heinz fortune he didn’t have to be.

But that did not stop an assault that was vicious and untrue sticking to him, that he had somehow exaggerated his heroism in Vietnam. It was plain unadulterated BS, but it worked.

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The smear was so successful it even succeeded in creating a new word “swift boating” as in when you are hit with baseless allegations that severely damage your reputation.

There is method in the madness. Say something enough times and folks will start to believe you.

People retain bad news six times longer than good news surveys show.

War hero John McCain

The smearing of war hero John McCain is another example.

Vietnam hero and lifelong public servant John McCain.

Vietnam hero and lifelong public servant John McCain.

Who could possibly impugn a man who went through hell in a Vietnam prison? Draft dodger Donald Trump that’s who.

Many people, infuriated that McCain’s vote saved Obamacare, went along with the traducing of a great politician and person.

So, Biden should know he has stepped into a snake pit like no other. Whether he emerges intact waits to be seen. If he cannot combat the endless smearing from the right, he will lose. That holds for every Democrat running.

Has US politics changed forever? Is this just the start of a vicious 2020 President Election Campaign? Let us know your views below.