Monday will be a dramatic day as British PM Rishi Sunak attempts to win support for a new Northern Protocol.

Sunak is making public a major document negotiated with the European Union to allow the Northern Protocol to finally be implemented and which would also allow the power-sharing government in Northern Ireland to resume.

The European Union and Britain have been locked in deep negotiations for weeks in an attempt to achieve a working framework. Even King Charles has intimated he stands ready to help.

The sensible Torys like Sunak know a deal is vital to any chance the party has to stay in government after the next election. As long as the emphasis is on bollixed-up Brexit and on a failure to find a way around the Northern Protocol, the Tories will continue to fall apart.

A by-election in West Lancashire last week tells the story. The opposition Labour Party won by a percentage that, if repeated in a general election, would see the Tories crash to 138 seats from 355, a catastrophic loss of 217 seats, enough to send them into political oblivion.

One would think that given that possible result, it would be all hands on deck to find a Brexit Protocol solution.

But that is where the mad dogs come in. Waiting in the wings, dagger drawn, is former premier Boris Johnson who sees a way to maneuver back into power if Sunak fails to cut a deal. Johnson is the only man alive who could match perennial liar George Santos lie for lie. He even denied his government had signed off on one of the original documents even though his signature was on it.

Matthew Parris, London Times columnist, calls Johnson and his acolytes ‘batshit-crazy’ and adds. “The bad guys in his(Sunak’s) party could still wreck his government in revenge, but if a party within his own party is batshit-crazy enough to try to destroy their own prime minister over this, then better (for Suniak) to take them on now.”

The Brexiteers having destroyed the Tory Party, crashing  Brexit into a ditch, and having forced four prime ministers in five years out are now demanding another spin at the wheel again

It is a recipe for utter disaster. Sunak appears to have made a good-faith effort, other opponents of the new rules for the Protocol like the DUP are widely despised in most political circles in Britain. Johnson and his Lord Snooty entourage are cathshit as well as bat shit crazy.

The deal with the EU is the only game in town and  Sunak, like Shakespeare, must “press it to the sticking point.”Besides, the ordinary British people deserve better than the mad dogs now seeking even more holdups in the name of insanity.