Republicans are a long way from nowhere in their efforts to win the 2020 election.

After failing to slow down the US Mail sufficiently to stop untold numbers of Democratic mailed-in ballots from being counted, they have resorted to magical thinking in their attempts to win.

In the new scenario, Joe Biden and unknown others fixed voting in at least three states, adding or subtracting millions of votes in the process. No one saw them, heard them, or reported them, but somehow they did it.

Incredibly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared there was no problem with votes his party won in successful senate elections which were on the very same ballots as the presidential elections ones.

In other words, McConnell will not be senate majority leader if claims of fraud are somehow upheld at the presidential level as his candidates at the senate level will also have to be disqualified.

It has taken this election to demonstrate just how far from reality the Republican Party under Trump has become.

The Trump view of the election, now adhered to by millions of his followers, is that if he had won the count was honest, if he had lost the books were cooked.

It is an audacious strategy, something like the scene from “Alice in Wonderland” where Humpty Dumpty announces “When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.”

So for  Humpty Dumpty Trump losing actually means winning and winning means losing... See, it is clear as day.

One of the memes circulating this week was Trump dressed as Napoleon announcing he won the Battle of Waterloo no matter what the historians said.

His reality gap has been growing the closer to the election Trump came. He was “rounding the bend” to defeat the coronavirus despite the fact that the number of infected souls was skyrocketing every day (168,000 on Tues, Nov 12 as I write)

He is propped up by many other flat-earthers, Over at Qanon, they say Trump is leading the fight against a pedophile ring headed by Hillary Clinton who apparently eats babies. Alas, the mysterious Q had also promised that  Trump would win in a landslide, which leaves his credibility in tatters.

What was once fringe nuttiness has gone mainstream under Trump. The deafening sound of silence from the Republican leadership reveals they have drunk the kool-aid too. The GOP is now a cult it seems.

The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced he is preparing for a second Trump coronation on January 20th while senators, congressmen, party officials with some honorable exceptions, parrot the magical thinking line that Trump can still win.

When you consider that Joe Biden is on his way to a five to six million popular vote majority, the Republican chutzpah becomes all the greater.

President-Elect Joe Biden.

President-Elect Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has kept his sunny disposition and shown extraordinary patience considering the blatant attempts underway to steal his victory.

Perhaps it is his Irish good humor that allows him to be bemused rather than angry or maybe he just can’t believe his eyes.

Donald Trump is flailing around like an upside-down beach turtle, astonished that he is only the third presidential candidate to lose the popular vote twice. He is unable to accept that by six million votes or so Americans do not want to re-elect him.

It is a drama worthy of The Twilight Zone but would probably have been abandoned as a script for being too far-fetched.

But nothing is far-fetched in the Trump world where the  Prince of Thieves and his merry men would rather destroy American democracy than accept defeat. They will not and cannot succeed.