The Supreme Court Judge accused by two women of sexual misconduct did himself no good trying to pass himself off as a Holy Joe on Fox.

Brett Kavanaugh’s high school experience was a uniquely Irish Catholic one mirrored in Catholic schools across the world. The American Catholic education system was built by the Irish and their phobia about sex meant that schools were segregated.

So, Kavanaugh school's was single-sex, as were the girls’ schools. That immediately ruled out any significant friendships with the opposite sex.

Clearly, contact with girls was sporadic and confined to desperate weekend parties where the booze and the hormones flowed.

As a product of a single-sex high school myself I deeply regretted that we never got to mingle naturally with girls and form bonds of friendship that would have endured.

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Kavanaugh, like so many other Catholic school boys, was caught up in a fantasy culture about women where exploits and bravado were the coins of the realm as they are especially in single-sex schools.

Georgetown Prep was also elitist. Judge Neil Gorsuch now on the Supreme Court attended as well. There was a clear sense of entitlement among the boys, several outsiders say.

It is an utterly unnatural environment, one that defies fundamental human nature that we are better off mingling with the opposite sex and developing proper relations.

The Kavanaugh who appeared on Fox on Monday night (Sept 24) was portraying himself as an altar boy who did community work and attended Mass.

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His yearbook, filled with sexual innuendo, no matter how he tries to disguise it, tells a different story. His ambition was to drink 100 kegs, he used initials to display crude sexual memes. “FFFFF” initials are written at one point, shorthand for “find them, fool them, f...them and forget them.”

Any Catholic schoolboy would recognize the ritual of it all.

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Elsewhere, Kavanaugh talks about he is a “Renata alum.” Renata was a girl some of the boys clearly, including Kavanaugh, believed was of easy virtue. The boys posed in one picture as “Renata alumni,” including Kavanaugh, hinting, of course, they all had sex with her.

This is a judge remember who portrays himself as a Godsend for women generally and in his hiring practices.

Kavanaugh would have been much better off saying he was quite wild in high school and college like millions of youngsters were before him and will be after him.

How far did the crazy behavior go? That is a question that may never be answered but one thing is clear, Kavanaugh did himself no good trying to pass himself off as a Holy Joe on Fox News. The yearbook says something very different.

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