Storm Lorenzo: Ireland jokes away the worry as ex-Hurricane Lorenzo powers towards its shores. 

Hurricane Lorenzo, the strongest storm ever recorded in the north Atlantic basin, is still hurtling towards Ireland at an "incredible pace" expected to reach the coast at some point on Thursday night. 

The Storm Lorenzo Ireland jokes keep coming, however, as the Irish deal with the weather catastrophe the best way they know. Here are some of our favorites. 

Everyone in Ireland waiting to see if they get a day off tomorrow...#StormLorenzo

— Mairéad Ní Chuaig TG4 ☀️ (@MaireadNiChuaig) October 2, 2019

The Irish Met Office would sincerely like to thank President Trump for his help in charting the course of Storm Lorenzo. May God have mercy on all the souls of Alabama#StormLorenzo

— Fact Factory (@wayne_dunne) October 2, 2019

Ireland during a major storm: C'mon make it a red weather warning so we can have the craic, buy all the bread and go to the pub

Rest of the world during major storm: stocks up on essentials and hole up safely.#stormlorenzo

— Stephen Twist Kearns (@TwistedIdiot) October 2, 2019

Emergency services are on standby. #StormLorenzo

— Pauline Murphy (@RealPMurphy) October 2, 2019

⚠️Be prepared for #StormLorenzo⚠️
#meteireann #Lorenzo #Weather #HurricaneLorenzo

— Centra Ireland (@CentraIRL) October 2, 2019

This might come in handy for #lorenzo #stormlorenzo

— DynamiteStudio (@dynamitecork) October 2, 2019

Workers on the east coast quietly checking if it's staying yellow but hoping for red #stormlorenzo

— Mark Malone (@soundmigration) October 2, 2019

Irish people running to the shop for Brennans, Tayto, teabags and milk before #StormLorenzo...☕拏

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) October 2, 2019

Ireland: the only country who wished that the fast approaching hurricane would get even WORSE.. just so we can get the day off work #stormlorenzo

— Georgia Beau Daly (@DalyBeau) October 2, 2019

Only the Irish want a storm to be bad...

"Did ya hear storm Lorenzo is only a yellow warning!"

"I know, I'm raging, was hoping it was gonna be red, really want a day off work..."#Ireland #stormlorenzo

— Rory's Stories (@RorysStories) October 2, 2019

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