Malachy McAllister is scheduled to be deported to Ireland on April 30

Senator Charles Schumer has called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan and urged him to overrule the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) decision to deport Malachy McAllister to Ireland on April 30.

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Malachy, a former member of an Irish Republican resistance group, and his family pursued asylum in the United States after his home was shot up and he was targeted for assassination in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Schumer pointed out to the Acting Secretary that Malachy has been living in the US since the mid-90s with no criminal record. In fact, he is a deeply respected and active member of the Irish community in New York and New Jersey, a productive businessperson, and even noted that President Trump’s sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, wrote in a legal opinion that he should be allowed to stay. He has a young US citizen child, several grandchildren, and he is a long-time supporter of the Irish Peace Process.

McAllister is actively involved with the Irish community in the US

McAllister is actively involved with the Irish community in the US

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Senator Schumer said: “Mr. McAllister is a valued member of the Irish American community who has done nothing but productive things since seeking asylum here following an assassination attempt on him and his family during the Troubles. It achieves no positive benefit for America to deport him.”

“I conveyed to Acting Secretary McAleenan that he is a father and grandfather to US citizen children, is a strong supporter of the Irish peace process and that he should use his authority to overrule the misguided deportation order.”  

Sen. Schumer is fighting to block McAllister's deportation (Getty Images)

Sen. Schumer is fighting to block McAllister's deportation (Getty Images)

Senator Schumer has fought for years for ICE to defer Malachy McAllister’s deportation. He has supported administrative and legislative remedies and has fought alongside Senator Robert Menendez, Rep. Peter King, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Rep. Eliot Engel and other House supporters for Malachy to be able to stay.

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Years ago, Senator Schumer placed a similar call to former DHS Secretary Johnson when ICE tried to deport Malachy at that time. Secretary Johnson overruled ICE’s decision. Senator Schumer urged Mr. McAleenan to do the same.

Schumer has long supported this effort and noted the key recent developments, including:

  • March 15: Senate Judiciary Chairman Graham requested another 6-month stay of removal for Malachy, pursuant to ICE’s new policy around private bills.
  • April 15: in an unprecedented move, ICE denied Chairman Graham’s request.