Nigel Farage’s Trump-like success sees Tories and Labour on the brink of collapse but the Democratic Unionist Party and a deal on Ireland’s border with the United Kingdom is the onl answer

Panic was the reaction among the Tory and Labour parties on publication of an incredible poll by the Observer Newspaper on Sunday showing the newly formed far-right Brexit Party of Nigel Farage defeating both the Tory and Labor Parties in the upcoming European Parliament elections and essentially wiping out the Tories in a general election.

The Opinium survey puts the Brexit party on 34 percent, for the European vote on May 23rd with Labour second on just 21 percent and the Tories in fourth place at just 11 percent one percent behind the Liberal Democrats.

In a general election, the poll showed Labour is on 28 percent, while the Tories are on 22 percent, just one point ahead of the Brexit party on 21 percent.

The rise of Farage, a right-wing nativist who has been accused of anti-Semitism and regularly whips up anger towards immigrants is no surprise given the dearth of leadership in England.

Brexiteer Nigel Farage.

Brexiteer Nigel Farage.

He is, hardly surprisingly, a friend and admirer of Donald Trump.

Like Trump, Farage has been very successful in spreading a simple, pointed, often poisonous message about complex issues.

Farage believes firmly Britain should have departed the EU on the day agreed after the leave side won the referendum.

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He pushes a no-deal Brexit and stirs up English nationalism and it is clear it has worked. It takes no account of the complexities of a no deal leave decision with international barriers being erected, tariffs on all goods, potential disaster for British business exporters as well as the major crisis around the issue of the Irish border.

In contrast to Farage’s simple slogan, no one can state clearly what the actual positions of either the Labour Party or Tories are. Theresa May and her Labour Party counterpart Jeremy Corbyn are like a tragic Laurel and Hardy act, one more incompetent than the other leaving people in utter confusion as to what their stance is.

British Prime Minister and Tory Party leader Theresa May.

British Prime Minister and Tory Party leader Theresa May.

May has been trying to get some version of a softer Brexit through the British parliament but has failed on every occasion, Corbyn cannot decide whether he wants a further referendum to ratify an agreement on Brexit he could make with May. A right fine mess as Hardy would have said to Laurel.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Incredibly, we could be looking at the near extinction of the Tory Party over the issue as the leave vote goes to Farage and the remain vote goes to party’s who support remain.

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Incredible to think they themselves needlessly introduced Brexit when the then Prime Minister David Cameron tried to blunt his right-wing critics by holding a poorly thought through referendum.

Former British prime minister, who called for Brexit, David Cameron.

Former British prime minister, who called for Brexit, David Cameron.

There is actually only one solution, the DUP in Northern Ireland could move from their opposition to a border in the Irish sea allowing the island of Ireland to remain in the Eurozone.

Such a move would actually benefit Northern Ireland as they could have the best of both worlds as was originally made clear to them. Let’s be clear there would be checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK and vice versa and there would be considerable difficulty setting it up but when you have no good answer to an unanswerable question you take the least damaging one

Can the DUP grasp the moment? History would say no as the would find it difficult to walk back their uber nationalist stance, but it may be the only hope.

What do you think? Could the DUP hold the answer to some kind of Brexit resolution? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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