While coronavirus COVID-19 has been elevated to a pandemic forcing the cancellation or postponement of St. Patrick's Day parades and mass gatherings we ask - Can we just postpone St. Patrick's Day until after March? Or is that like celebrating Christmas in February?

Editor's Note: This article was submitted by a contributor through the IrishCentral Storytellers network. It got us thinking: the St. Patrick's Day parades in New York, Chicago and elsewhere have been postponed, not canceled due to Coronavirus COVID-19. What do you think? Can we celebrate St. Patrick's Day in May? Let us know below.

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On Wednesday, March 11, Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that the Chicago downtown St. Patrick's Day PD Parade, as well as Sunday's South Side and the Northwest Side parades, will not step out and the surrounding festivities (including dying the Chicago River green) won't happen this weekend.

BREAKING: St. Patrick's Day Weekend events have been postponed as part of precautionary measures to protect health and safety. #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/c5hw49xjDx

— Mayor Lori Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor) March 11, 2020

Many other cities including Boston, Dublin, Paris, and New York City have canceled their St. Patrick's Day events amid the global outbreak of COVID-19 and minimizing it's spread is at the top of everyone's agendas.

Mayor Lightfoot said during a press conference on Wednesday morning that rescheduling the events "was not an easy decision" and that having the festivities would "pose unnecessary risk".

She underlined that this is a postponement and not a cancellation - the SPD parades and festival will happen but at a later date this year!

Can you have Saint Patrick's outside of March? Would that be akin to having Christmas outside of December? I'm looking forward to hearing Mayor Lightfoot's new schedule and seeing if it might also influence other cities around the world to follow suit.

When it comes to Saint Patrick's Day, Chicago is a heavyweight with mega green clout and Mayor Lightfoot is a lady that could well set a new trend and be followed.


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