Today is Name Your Poison Day and a previous survey by IrishCentral found out what our reader's top choices for alcoholic beverages are! We were quite surprised by the results.

IrishCentral conducted a reader's survey to learn more about our global readership and the results did not disappoint. From where they like to visit in Ireland to what they love to read about on IrishCentral the results were a delight. 

This question, "What are your favorite alcoholic drinks?", brought up an interesting selection of answers. 

Here are the results: 

What are your favorite alcoholic drinks? IrishCentral readers answers.

What are your favorite alcoholic drinks? IrishCentral readers answers.

Whiskey - 49.28 percent

Well!! That's the sure winner! Irish whiskey wins above all. 

It is of little surprise really that Irish whiskey came out on top given that the "uisce beatha" ("water of life") is celebrating a120-year industry high. 

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Whiskey 49.28%.

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Whiskey 49.28%.

The Irish Whiskey Association reported a banner year in 2019 with Irish whiskey, seeing the number of Irish whiskey distilleries jump to a 120-year high of 31. 

The number of Irish whiskey distilleries is now at the highest record seen since 1900. 

Whether it's Redbreast, voted the best in the world, or the ever-reliable Jameson you favor you're in good company. 

Wine - 37.57 percent

Wine's up next! Now, this might surprise some but you must remember that the Irish are European. When questioned what their favorite Irish dinner is they answer bacon and cabbage but in reality the most popular Irish dinner is actually pasta! 

A study in 2019, carried out by the World Health Organization found that while on average Europeans drink the equivalent of over two bottles of wine the Irish drink closer to two and a half bottles of wine. Salut!

Beer - 33.02 percent

Beer has a long history in Ireland, of course. By the beginning of the 19th century, there were over 200 breweries in Ireland. However, by 2007 only about twelve remained. Now as well as the most established breweries around the country craft beer is king. 

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Beer 33.02 percent.

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Beer 33.02 percent.

The production of beer in Ireland currently stands at over 8 million hectolitres and accounts for and approximately half of all the alcohol consumed. This breaks down to 60% lager, 34% stout, and 6% ale.

Stout 22.45 percent

We were surprised by this indeed! Guinness?! Right?! But you must remember there are many other variations of the black stuff in Ireland, including Beamish and Murphys. 

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Stout 22.45 percent.

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Stout 22.45 percent.

Stout itself dates back to 1677 when its mention was listed in the Egerton Manuscripts. Of course, the future of stout also looks bright. Let's remember that Arthur Guinness signed a lease at St. James's Gate for 9,000 years! 

Spirits - 18.38 percent

Anyone who's been out and about in Ireland in the last few years might have immediately assumed that by "spirits" the Irish would mean gin. We do seem to be gin obsessed. 

You'd be wrong! A study carried out in 2019 found the Irish people's top tipple when it comes to spirits is vodka! Yра! 

The gin industry has continued to grow in Ireland in the past number of years and, as we mentioned, the Irish whiskey trade is booming, but more vodka was sold in Ireland than any other liquor. 

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Spirits 18.38 percent

IrishCentral reader's favorites: Spirits 18.38 percent

Overall in Ireland whiskey comes in second though! 

Cocktails - 14.84 percent

Like our Irish food industry, people often have an old-fashioned view of Irish pubs but the Irish have embraced the art of mixology and we're lapping up cocktails. Of course, there are gin and tonics but we seem to be more than ever on board for new whiskey cocktails and utilizing our flora and fauna to come up with great cocktails. 

Don't drink alcohol 11.26 percent 

Quite sensible too! While the Irish do have a reputation for "being fond of the drink" more and more the Irish, especially the younger generations are cutting down on the amount they imbibe. Or, as our survey shows, cutting it out completely. 

Other (Guinness, Spiced rum, Cider, Baileys) 5.35 percent

Guinness! Finally! We're quite sure that (somehow) some of our entrants didn't realize Guinness is stout!? But here it is! Technically fourth and last on our list. 

Spiced rum? While we approve of the tropical flavor the Irish connections is slightly lost. 

Then of course there's cider! How many of us at least know someone who can't resist a pint of Magner's / Bulmer's on a hot summer's day. Refreshing. 

And last, but currently not least, as their world sales prove, is Bailey's Irish cream. A delicious sweet treat that can always be found in any Irish person's drink cabinet. 

Please drink responsibly. For the facts, visit

Originally published in 2020. Updated in 2021.