Many a story has been shared over a pint in an Irish pub. IrishCentral wants to celebrate Irish pubs and restaurants by asking our readers to share their special memories that took place behind the doors of an Irish bar anywhere in the world.

From New York to County Clare or from Spain to Russia and anywhere in between, we want to hear from you. Our Irish pubs and restaurants are now well over a year into a pandemic that forced many of them to temporarily or even permanently close, and those that managed to survive the last year are still struggling to stay open.

IrishCentral wants to celebrate Irish pubs and that’s why we’re turning to you, our readers. We want to know your favorite memory or story from an Irish pub. Was it your first legal drink? Did you meet the love of your life at the pub? A victory celebration?

Inside a typical Irish pub.Flickr

Inside a typical Irish pub.Flickr

Nursing a pint by an open fire, meeting with old and new friends on rickety bar stools, clapping along to trad music, the Irish pub has been a social hub for centuries. Then when the Irish traveled abroad so did the Irish pubs. Scattered all across the world, you’re nearly sure to find an Irish pub in every city that you visit. Though they are miles from Ireland, they still manage to encapsulate the same warm and inviting atmosphere that we all feel when we walk through the front doors of a bar in Ireland. 

We want to hear your stories and if there’s one thing the Irish are known for, it’s storytelling, Share your memories with us and help keep the spirit of the Irish pubs and restaurants alive. Send your stories to us through our contributor's network, IrishCentral Storytellers, and have access to the 70 million Irish diasporas worldwide.

We hope that by sharing your stories with our audience, we can keep the spirit alive of a piece of Irish culture that is filled with memories, culture, and craic.