Shane Lynch, who was a member of the 90s Irish boyband Boyzone, claims that popstar Taylor Swift is an advocate of Satanism.

“I think when you’re looking at a lot of the artists out there, a lot of their stage shows are Satanic rituals live in front of 20,000 people without them realising and recognising,” Lynch, 47, recently told Sunday World.

“You’ll see a lot of hoods up and masks on and fire ceremonies.

“Even down to Taylor Swift — one of the biggest artists in the world — you watch one of her shows and she has two or three different demonic rituals to do with the pentagrams on the ground, to do with all sorts of stuff on her stage.

“But to a lot of people it’s just art and that’s how people are seeing it, unfortunately.”

The Irish former popstar has also previously claimed that Sam Smith and Beyoncé are “so demonic it’s unbelievable," the Sunday World noted.

Lynch added: “When it comes to a lot of the music that’s out there at the moment — more of the hip-hop side of things — there is a lot of hidden Satanic and a lot of evil within them, including down to the beats. It’s very real.

“Music attaches to your emotions. It has a connection to your spirit and how you feel.

“That’s why I’ve stopped listening to those types of music myself because it doesn’t suit my spirit.

“It 100 percent has an effect on society. I think our society has never been worse in many areas, and it starts from our children.

“It’s coming in right at our children from the very beginning to get them to sway away from anything Godly, anything controlled or disciplined.

“It’s getting wilder and wilder out there for a reason.”

Even though he suspects demonism and satanism are pervasive in popular music, Lynch says his teenage daughters have to “learn for themselves” when it comes to music.

“They love music, and I don’t try and stop them,” Lynch said.

“They have to learn for themselves. I will encourage and explain to them. Music is dangerous.”

Dublin native Lynch, who was a member of Boyzone alongside Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, Mikey Graham, and Ronan Keating in the 90s, converted to Christianity in the early 2000s. He says he was "under the influence of demons" throughout his teens.

In 2005, he said: "During my worst periods I became involved with clairvoyants and ouija boards so I used to get demonic visitations.

"The demons would circle around my head and this would mean I would say many things out of anger and spite.

"Then in desperation, I said, `in the name of Jesus I want you to leave'. I was shown the power of what God can do for you.

"There is nothing wrong with fame or money. But it will not make you happy.

"It was the best thing I ever did to come to God."

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, who has spent plenty of time in Ireland and even gave Co Wicklow a shout-out on her "Midnights" album, is set to bring her smash hit "Eras" tour to Dublin for two nights this June.