Say what?! Quintessential 1990s boyband Boyzone could have stormed the charts with U2 hit "Sweetest Thing" but they apparently turned it down.

Singer Ronan Keating made the revelation to radio host Eoghan McDermott today leaving everyone perplexed.

While explaining that chart-topper Ed Sheeran had collaborated with the boyband on a track for their upcoming album, Keating casually slipped into conversation that they won't make the same mistake twice.

"Ed’s written a song," he explained. "We turned down U2 when they gave us the "Sweetest Thing" back twenty years ago. That was a huge mistake, so if Ed Sheeran gives us a song we won’t be turning that one down.”

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McDermott interjected, "Sorry is that true?" multiple times, clearly shocked at the revelation.

"I know, ridiculous," Keating said. "I don't know what happened, or how it happened, but "Sweetest Thing"was offered to Boyzone and it never came about. It didn’t work for us, it didn’t sound right, or whatever happened, so we didn’t end up recording it or releasing it," he told the RTE 2FM host.

Fans of the tune might remember that Boyzone actually make an appearance during the song's famous video (seen below from 0.40 in.)

The song was originally recorded by U2 in 1987, but was re-recorded and re-released in 1998. It is believed that the song was originally written as an apology to Bono's wife Ali Hewson (seen riding the carriage with him) for having to work on her birthday.