"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted that she is obsessed with Irish food and says her family spends the whole year trying to recreate the meals they have eaten in Ireland.

Parker has regularly vacationed in Ireland over the past 30 years and now visits the Donegal village of Kilcar every summer with her husband, Matthew Broderick, and her two children. Parker and her family regularly travel to Ireland, where they stay in their newly renovated house, in Kilcar, Co Donegal.

In an interview with Irish supermarket SuperValu on Instagram Live on November 15, Parker spoke of her love for Irish food and revealed that she has a "laundry list" of her favorite Irish foods, noting her love for Irish poultry, lamb, and eggs. 

"We are crazy about potatoes and butter," Parker added. 

The Hollywood actress revealed that she has a "source" to acquire Irish groceries when she is living in New York and said her family spends the entire year trying to recreate the dishes they eat during their annual trip to Ireland. 

In particular, Parker and Broderick have a love for the vegetable soup purée made by locals in Kilcar and always try to have it on hand when they are back in New York. 

"It really reminds us of an Irish kitchen, as typically women would be throwing things into a pot and pureeing. We eat that for a snack and we love crisps too, we eat them a lot," Parker told SuperValu. 

Parker also praised the local pubs in Kilcar and added that she is still trying to acquire a taste for Guinness. 

"We have some great pubs in our neighborhood there. Every time we are there I try to have a glass of Guinness," Parker told SuperValu. 

However, she conceded that she loves watching different people pouring pints in different ways and singled out the Rusty Mackerel pub located on the foot of the Sliabh Liag seacliffs as one of her favorite pubs in Donegal. 

Parker was talking to Irish wine expert Kevin O'Callaghan ahead of the launch of her new brand of wine in SuperValu stores. Parker has teamed up with Invivo to launch a collection of red, white, and rosé wines, which is now available in SuperValu stores across Ireland. 

In Ireland, Parker and Broderick stay in a holiday home that Broderick inherited from his parents a number of years ago. Broderick describes Donegal as a "wonderful place" in a previous interview with the Irish Voice. 

"You know the landscape, the hiking but it's also the people there that I grew up knowing. Real farmers who worked the hay in the summer and milked cows. I really, really got to know my neighbors and that just doesn't happen in the same way here in the US," Broderick told the Irish Voice. 

The family spent Christmas in Donegal last year, with Parker speaking about how difficult it is to leave Ireland. 

"Always hard to leave. But you sent us off nice," the actress said in an Instagram post last year. 

After her summer stay in Ireland, Parker again paid homage to her beloved Ireland with an Instagram post exalting her favorite brands and the landscape.

"Photos really. They never quite capture it," she wrote on the post shared with her 9.3 million followers

"And there is always more. And you should have SEEN it."

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Parker highlighted some of her favorite Irish foods, including a bag of SuperValu's Irish York cabbage, a delightful-looking cup of tea, and a package of Charleville mature red cheddar.

Also in her post was an idyllic-looking set-up of two books (one about Churchill, the other a satire), another cuppa, and what appears to be a pork chop on a sunny summer evening. 

Doherty's Fishing Tackle in Donegal Town also got a nod in Parker's post, as did a fabulously pink tweed jacket from Magee 1866, a fifth-generation Irish family business based in Co Donegal with over 150 years.