Kerrygold butter has been named the best "Grocery Store Butter Brand" in a recent ranking from the digital food and drink publication Tasting Table.

"Kerrygold may be a little more expensive than some of the other butter brands at the grocery store, but it's worth every penny," Tasting Table said in its recent ranking of 12 grocery store butter brands.

"It earns its name with its deep, rich, gold color — it almost looked dyed.

"This was the only butter we could smell the second we opened the wrapper. An intoxicating odor of fat, salt, cream, and grass wafted toward our nostrils.

"The butter is churned from milk produced by Irish grass-fed cattle, and we noticed a noticeable flavor difference between it and American butter, even the stuff from pasture-raised cows."

Tasting Table said Kerrygold offered "creamy dairy, sweetness, salt, and sharp savoriness — but just with the volume turned up."

The publication concluded: "No matter whether you're looking to use butter in cooking, baking, or as a bread topping, we think you'll find that Kerrygold is a flavor upgrade over your usual brand." 

What is Kerrygold?

Kerrygold was launched for the first time, not in Ireland, but in the United Kingdom, in 1962. It was eleven years later in 1973 before Kerrygold went on sale in Ireland!

Kerrygold has gone to become the most popular Irish food product in the world and, in 2018, became the first Irish food brand to exceed €1 billion in annual retail sales. 

Owned by Irish dairy farmers, Kerrygold sold over 11 million packets of butter and cheese each week in 2021 and its owners are targeting €2 billion in annual retail sales by 2025. 

Check out these delectable recipes that feature Kerrygold - though there's no arguing with just a healthy slab of it on a warm piece of toast, either!