Sarah Jessica Parker posted a little ode to Ireland on Instagram after her latest break at her and hubby Matthew Broderick's family holiday home in the village of Kilcar, west of Killybegs, in Co Donegal. 

Parker, who in 2021 reprised her role as Carrie Bradshaw on "And Just Like That...," shared some wonderful photos of the Irish landscape while also giving shout-outs to some of her favorite Irish brands.

"Photos really. They never quite capture it," she wrote on the post shared with her 9.3 million followers this week.

"And there is always more. And you should have SEEN it."

Parker highlighted some of her favorite Irish foods, including a bag of SuperValu's Irish york cabbage, a delightful-looking cup of tea, and a package of Charleville mature red cheddar.

Also in her post was an idyllic-looking set-up of two books (one about Churchill, the other a satire), another cuppa, and what appears to be a pork chop on a sunny summer evening. 

Doherty's Fishing Tackle in Donegal Town also got a nod in Parker's post, as did a fabulously pink tweed jacket from Magee 1866, a fifth-generation Irish family business based in Co Donegal with over 150 years.

Never one to pass up a bit of promo, Parker also shared a picture of a bag from her SJP collection, as well as a snap of her Invivo wine in a Tesco shop.

"So we did. So it was," Parker said on her post, "Til next time. X, SJ"

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Parker, her husband Matthew Broderick, and their children are frequent visitors to Ireland, and even spent Christmas 2022 in Co Donegal.

Broderick inherited their Co Donegal holiday home in Killybegs and Kilcar that his parents had purchased when he was a child.

A few years back, Broderick told the Irish Voice, sister publication to IrishCentral, about his Irish homestead: “You know the landscape, the hiking but it's also the people there that I grew up knowing.

"Real farmers who worked the hay in the summer and milked cows. I really, really got to know my neighbors and that just doesn't happen in the same way here in the US.

"We just really felt welcomed there [in Donegal]. It's another culture, a wonderful place."