People are losing their minds over how much Ireland's president Michael D. Higgins looks like Danny DeVito playing Bernie Sanders. 

Michael D. Higgins is having a big week: He's in New York to deliver Ireland's official statement at the UN General Assembly, he's giving speeches at both New York University and Fordham University, and he's going to be interviewed live at the New York Public Library by award-winning New York Times journalist Dan Barry. 

But are any of the above among the reasons why a photo of the Irish president has gone viral over the past few days? 


It's because the internet has decided that Higgins looks like a certain famous celebrity playing one of the candidates vying to be nominated by the Democratic party for the 2020 election. 

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That's right. President Michael D. Higgins apparently looks like "Danny DeVito playing Bernie Sanders". 

It started with a tweet from September 16 that led to Higgins topping the r/Pics Reddit, nearly 100,000 views on Imgur, and over 135,000 likes on Twitter. 

Is it just me or does the irish president look like danny devito playing bernie sanders

— Samael (@Samael101) September 16, 2019

Once you see the resemblance between Higgins, DeVito, and Sanders, it is, in fact, difficult to unsee it. 

Very difficult. 

For the most part, Ireland's people have been delighted with the attention Michael D. is getting. The most popular comment on the Reddit thread, by a user named ChapelIrl, summed up Ireland's love for him quite well: 

He's our tiny wizard President. He waits in line at atms. He buys people ice-cream. He speaks up, loudly, for the downtrodden. He's a poet and a University professor. His name is Michael D. Higgins, or as he's affectionately known (because a child on tv called him this) Miggledy.

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Higgins first took office in 2011 and ran for a second term as president in 2018, winning 56% of the vote as compared to his nearest competitor, Peter Casey, who got 23%. 

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