The White House Historical Association released a new episode of The White House 1600 Sessions podcast today, March 15, featuring a conversation on the history between Ireland and the United States, and the relationship between the two countries beyond the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day.

In this episode, Stewart McLaurin, president of the Association, sits down with Geraldine Byrne Nason, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, to discuss the depth of America’s Irish roots, and the diplomacy and investment driving a longstanding friendship built on a spirit of independence.

“It's safe to say that Irish immigrants and their descendants helped build this country, including Irish born designer, James Hoban, who built the White House,” said McLaurin.

“The history between our two countries goes back as far as our founding.”

Millions of Americans claim their Irish heritage, including half of all US presidents. The White House continues to hold several traditions for St. Patrick’s Day in March, from the gifting of shamrocks between a representative of Ireland’s leadership to the president, to dyeing the water green in the White House fountains.

“I began my career as President Reagan came to Ireland and now as I arrived here in the United States, President Biden visiting [Ireland] was also a moment of extraordinary importance,” said Ambassador Byrne Nason.

“We're a very lucky people that not just the imagination, but the commitment and the spirit of Ireland has survived the Atlantic journey and has been passed through generationally and in a bipartisan way here in the United States.”

The relationship between Ireland and the United States extends beyond St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, with diplomacy and connectivity driving a technicolor relationship built on Irish spirit and independence.

In the words of President Joe Biden, "the fabric of modern America is woven through with the green of the Emerald Isle.”

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