We can’t blame her - the Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s second most popular tourist attraction and were once voted the best cliff view in the world!

Anjelica Huston’s favorite view in the world is the Cliffs of Moher.

The actress, who grew up in Ireland with her filmmaker father John Huston, talked about how much she loves the famous cliffs in a recent interview with Conde Nast Traveller.

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“The Cliffs of Moher off Co Clare in Ireland, where I grew up,” she answered. “I remember seeing a school of dolphins out to sea, with nothing else in sight."

“We’d make picnics and load extending ladders into the station wagon so we could get into Martello towers [old defensive forts that dot the coastline of Ireland and the UK] all around. We used to climb inside and find things like cannon balls – it was still a place you could discover treasure.”

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Huston, famous for her roles in The Dead, Prizzi’s Honor, The Witches, The Addams Family, and many Wes Anderson films, has lived on a ranch in California for years but still has many fond memories of her childhood in Ireland.

Now 67, she recalled “going out to sea from Galway with Lord Peter Patrick Hemphill, who captained his own boat,” she said. “We’d go to Aran Islands and Bird Island, a little spot with birds at all stages of Darwinian growth.”

But it had its downsides, too. She shared that “the sea was rather tumultuous” and there was no bathroom on the boat.

Asked where in the world she lost her heart, she answered: “Dublin, to someone who will remain anonymous, in one of the greatest cities.”

We wonder who that might have been, but we’re glad it didn’t change her esteem of Dublin!

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The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s second largest tourist attraction (after the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin), attracting 1.6 million visitors each year. In 2015, Conde Nast Traveler ranked them “the best cliff view in the world.” And Anjelica agrees!

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