The stunning “Smash” Hollywood star Anjelica Huston recently visit the city where she raised – Galway.

Born in California, Huston and her parents, film director John Huston and his young Italian-American ballerina wife Enrica Soma, moved to Ireland’s west coast. The Emmy winning actress have come to Ireland to revisit her childhood, St Clerans, a Georgian manor house, which is now a hotel and it’s on the market.

She told the Daily Mail about her idyllic Irish childhood.

Huston said “That house was a big part of my life for 14 years. It was an idyllic existence, and it ruined me for the rest of my life. Being raised in the countryside gives you a sense of independence. I don’t need to be with people all the time. I’m just as happy walking in the fields with the rain on my face.

“My father came to Ireland on a fox-hunting holiday and fell in love with the country. We were part of the hunting set and had hunt balls and dog shows, very much part of that era.

“I went to a convent school where I was a bit of a peculiarity because my father, who was an atheist, told the nuns I was not to be indoctrinated.

“But I longed to be indoctrinated. I’d put my mother’s old tutus on my head and pretend I was at my First Communion. When I was six, I told my father I wanted to be a nun and he said: 'That’s wonderful, honey. When are you going to start?'"

Huston’s trip to Ireland is also a much needed break after her husband of 16 years Robert Graham died three years ago. A relationship preceded by her very public romance with Jack Nicholson.

She met Nicholson at a party at his house in LA. She said “I was invited by my then stepmother, Cici [Celeste Shane, her father’s fifth wife].

“The door opened and Jack’s grinning face presented itself to me and I thought: “Ah, I like you.”

“I was always attracted to bad boys, cool boys. Actors, musicians, those kinds of guys.’

They were together for 17 years. She moved in with him just after he won an Oscar for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s News” in 1975.

Now the youthful 60-year-old, who has starred in over 50 movies, is taking to TV with her new musical drama series “Smash”.

The show is being described as “Glee” with a hint of “Fame” and is produced by Steven Speilberg.

It follows the tortuous process of staging a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. Huston plays a flinty, hard-bitten theatre producer, Eileen Rand, leading an ensemble cast that includes “Will & Grace’s” Debra Messing.