The first impact of Brexit may be that, as the main English-speaking country in the EU, Ireland will undoubtedly be the country of choice for US companies to establish a European base. Britain currently receives $35 billion of inward investment every year. Ireland gets about $5 billion. In the new reality, it is not hard to imagine American companies opting for English-speaking Dublin, which is still part of the European Union.

Those already here will beef up their teams at the expense of UK sites. The forward thinkers who have provided ultra fast broadband and connectivity in and around Ireland will be justified. The IDA will have a flood of new leads to follow up.

Dublin will be the new financial center in Europe servicing the UK and EU. The infrastructure around the city has improved hugely, with easy access to beautiful residential rural areas within very easy reach.

Exporters are nervous but, hey, we’ll have the best of both worlds very soon with our ability to sell throughout the EU, to Britain and elsewhere.

Tourism will boom because we’re open to all visitors – British and European. Britons living in Ireland are already getting serious about applying for Irish passports. Thousands of British with Irish roots will follow suit. Many more may move here.

Demand for residential property is strong and, given the Brexit bright side, now will continue to be. A stronger residential and commercial market will strengthen demand for all services, and our talented young tradespeople can return.

Ireland is the front door to Britain and the west wing of the EU. It’s full of genius, food, shelter, renewable resources, artistic talent, fun, music, welcomes, peace, prosperity, and a really good and friendly work ethic.

When the dust settles Ireland will find itself at the leading edge of international commercial activity, the most wonderful place to live, and the greatest place to raise and educate your family.

Ireland is open and ready for business. The country of a thousand welcomes is your new home! Enter the EU … stage west!

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Walter Ryan-Purcell is an English Market stall trader in Cork and well known blogger.