Democrat candidate Joe Biden isn't dazzling anyone but he is a safe pair of hands and right now that's what we need more than anything in the White House.

He is running the perfect campaign, staying calm, unfazed by President Donald J. Trump's relentless attacks. He has kept his focus firmly on the issues, not engaging Trump in any of the personal mud wrestling fights the president would love to drag him into.

Biden is not dazzling anyone, nor is he revealing a dynamic JFK side previously hidden. He is the same safe pair of hands who after 50 years in public office has retained a reputation as a decent man who faced great personal challenges yet rose to the job of vice president under President Obama where he did a fine job.

That looks like being enough to get Biden over the line in November.  The electorate appears to have decided early that they’ve had enough of Trump.  Pure exhaustion at his antics is also one of the key reasons people are turning away from the president in droves.

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Like what happened with President George W. Bush after his failure to provide proper federal aid and support after Hurricane Katrina, the American public, in all recent opinion polls, is adamant that they have lost faith in the incumbent over his handling of a once in a lifetime crisis.

Watching the Chris Wallace car crash interview with Trump on Fox News on Sunday must surely have convinced many that the president is completely at sea, perhaps even delusional about what is actually happening in America.

President Donald J Trump.

President Donald J Trump.

To state that he will eventually be proven right and the virus will go away is a form of magical thinking much more likely to be formulated in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel than in the Oval Office.

More and more Americans see the curtains pulled back and the imposter revealed.  And they’re horrified.

An incredible 50 percent of those polled say there is no way on earth they will ever vote for Trump in November.  If that truly is the case it makes his effort to retain office completely futile, and we are heading for a massive landslide.

The irony is that had Trump followed the medical advice and let his public health professionals handle the crisis, he likely would be well on the way to a second term in the White House.

But Trump is incapable of letting go the reins.  Witness his ludicrous decision to revive his early evening press conferences about the virus this week.

Every president is tested in the office and those who fall short face dire consequences. Trump will leave office as the worst president in history with the possible exception of James Buchanan who allowed the Civil War to eventually happen, barring some inexplicable plot twist.

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Trump could not stop himself meddling with the coronavirus response, and has lost the country on the greatest public health issue it has faced since the 1918 pandemic.  He is currently fiddling while Florida, Texas, Georgia are burning, infested with COVID-19.

The virus has had one major positive impact in that it has forced countries to realize how inadequate their public health services are in the face of contagion. It is sheer luck that the virus is not of a more destructive nature as 1918 was, which took the lives of the youngest and fittest first.

Managing pandemics is not for posers. It is for professionals guided by the best health experts available.

That simple truth is why Biden has one foot in the door of the White House.  His opponent’s current tomfoolery is ensuring he is very likely to have his second foot in too by November 4.

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