With the Prince Andrew / Jeffrey Epstien scandal and England's anti-European campaign casting them into the past a dread new reality for England is emerging.

There is something about the British ruling class that defies all rational explanation.

The famous and irreplaceable Monty Python used to satirize them unmercifully (think Ministry of Silly Walks), but even the writers of that wildly popular series could hardly have imagined the awful mess the big cheeses have now landed themselves in.

In order to save the United Kingdom from Europe, they intend to destroy the United Kingdom.

It is a devilishly clever plot because no one will know who they are after Brexit, with Scotland seeking to separate from the U.K. and Northern Ireland likely to also vote in the future to move into a united Ireland.

British Prime Minister getting "Brexit done" Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister getting "Brexit done" Boris Johnson.

But at least England will be out of Europe, which is all the old contemptibles wanted anyway.

Despite the fact that their glory days ended with the defeat of Germany and its allies in World War II back in 1945, they carry on as if they still rule the world.

How galling it must be for them to see Germany ensconced as effective head of Europe just 75 years after Hitler was done down.  It's pretty hard to paint Frau Merkel as the Hitler equivalent in 2020 but, by jingo, the English have done it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

That’s probably why they continue to quote Churchill a lot, their last legitimate imperialist war leader unless you count Margaret Thatcher recapturing the Falklands/Malvinas as a great moment of empire making.

Imagine in America if every politician and editorial writer was stuck comparing every leader today to Roosevelt, and you get some idea of the generational disconnect.

The Brexit debate casts the country irredeemably back into the past, watching former enemies like Japan and Germany surpass them.

To fill the gap the English came up with a new enemy, Europe as a whole, in order to once again trumpet Britannia Rules the Waves.

Now it's a grubby little Brexit war between the self-righteous who want Britain out of Europe, and the righteous who see the reality and realize Britain's only hope of continued relevance is as a member country in Europe.

The blindness and obfuscation of the ruling class are mirrored in the behavior of Prince Andrew who, quite cheerfully, has tried to convince the British public that he was perfectly entitled to hang out with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and take advantage of the young women that Epstein strung along.

Royal in disgrace: Prince Andrew.

Royal in disgrace: Prince Andrew.

That’s part of the ruling class mentality, to think you can emerge unscathed from raping 17-year-olds and refusing to apologize to the victims.

Utter moral blindness is too. Andrew, it seems, thought nothing of going on television and ignoring the truth of his actions; indeed justifying them.

As Andrew wallows in the pit of excrement he has dug for himself, British television is wallowing in the latest exercise in royal myth-making in the second series of The Crown on Netflix, showing royalty in all its splendor.

The images don't quite gel with Andy strolling in Central Park with a predator and pedophile in Epstein.  That remains the uniquely British problem.  Echoes of an imperial past carry no weight in the modern world.

The English are learning that the hard way, that a real prince represents a dreadful new reality and not a reality show.

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