New evidence will show there were two separate sets of bullies who brought Irish emigrant Phoebe Prince to despair and caused her suicide on January 14th in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Both were related to the two boyfriends she has while she was in South Hadley High School where she enrolled after moving from Ireland.In both cases jealous former girlfriends led the bullying against her.

What is clear is that Phoebe Prince died not because she was unpopular, but because she was far too popular, especially with boyfriends at a status obsessed high school for her own good.

Her first boyfriend, football player Sean Mulveyhill, broke up with her and he immediately began harassing her. Ashley Longe, a jealous former girlfriend of Mulveyhill took up the bullying and she and her friend Kayla Narey began organizing hurling insults at her. Both were members of the school's field hockey team.

On the last day of her life it was Mulveyhill, Longe and Narey who surrounded her as she walked to class. She tried to escape but they followed her outside and threatened her.

When she walked home that afternoon the bullies drove by in a car and one of them, an underage girl who has not been named, hurled a can of red bull at her which hit her.

In addition to the Mulveyhill gang, Phoebe's other boyfriend Austin Renaud, also had a jealous ex girlfriend, Flannery Mullins. Mullins and her best friend Sharon Velazquez also began the torment of Phoebe and other friends of theirs joined in.

Phoebe then became the target of two separate cliques of bullies. Their favorite insults were 'Irish slut' and 'Irish whore.'

This continued for three months and Phoebe's mother, Anne O'Brien Prince asked twice that school authorities do something. They refused.Phoebe got a brief respite over the Christmas vacation break but right after she started back in January it began again.

It was all to much for the lonely young Irish girl who eventually ended it all,hanging herself with the same scarf her sister had given her just a few weeks previously as a Christmas present.

The bullies rejoiced by continuing to smear the dead girl on her Facebook condolence page.