With Bernie Sanders out, it's time to solidify Joe Biden's plans for the 2020 White House grab

With the long-awaited departure of Bernie Sanders from the 2020 presidential race, the time has come for Democrats to square up to reality.

Covid-19 has utterly disrupted the 2020 presidential race and many experts believe it will still be around in November.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most trusted professional in this area, says it is very likely that a second wave of coronavirus will come sweeping back in the Fall after a decrease in the summer months.

Thus, there is every chance that come election day in November, the Covid-19 scourge will still be upon us.

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A recent CNN poll shows that the majority of Americans disapprove of President Trump's management of the pandemic.

However, if the total amount of people who ultimately die from the disease turns out lower than what the most optimistic projections showed, then the electorate may well give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Thus, he may be in a relatively strong position in November, especially as a coronavirus vaccine may be closer to reality at that time.

Biden has been the invisible man during the crisis - perfectly understandable given the nature of an unprecedented political and national crisis where criticism in the middle of a pandemic is not smart politics.

Trump, no doubt, will hammer away at that point, especially in debates. No one can ignore the fact that Trump is capable of damaging Biden with the accusation that the former VP is untried and too old to handle the Covid-19 crisis.

There is one way that Biden can inoculate himself though. He can select Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York and probably the most popular politician in America right now, as his running mate.

Cuomo has been a rock of good sense and straightforward truth-telling in contrast to Trump’s often incoherent rambling. It is Cuomo’s Joe Friday “Just the Facts” approach, with personal observations thrown in, that have made Cuomo such a respected figure in this time of crisis.

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He immediately gives Biden the credibility he currently lacks on this Coronavirus issue.

I know Biden has promised the VP slot to a woman, but in these desperate times, with the economy in deep freeze and Coronavirus occupying everyone’s rigid attention, Biden needs to factor in the new reality.

With Cuomo on the ticket, Biden is unbeatable and the importance of defeating Trump has never become more evident.

In addition, people will see Cuomo, a seasoned politician, as an important insurance card in terms of his ability to step up into the Oval Office if the elderly Biden decides not to run the second time or becomes ill during his first term.

Cuomo on the ticket practically guarantees the White House at a time when it has never been more important to oust a sitting president. Biden should take that step.

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