US President Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden both ramped up their efforts to secure the Irish-American vote on St. Patrick's Day ahead of the general election in November. 

St. Patrick's Day parades may have been canceled all across America and the official reception in the White House may have been nixed for the first time since its inception, but that didn't stop America's two leading politicians from trying to win the Irish vote. 

Trump's campaign launched "Irish Americans for Trump" on Ireland's national holiday, which is described as “a coalition to commemorate Irish-American contributions to our economy, military and history."

The coalition aims to bring the Irish-American community together in support of the incumbent US president. 

Trump also recently appointed Mick Mulvaney, his former Chief of Staff, as special envoy to Northern Ireland and the coalition referenced this, saying that “Irish Americans across the country understand the importance of keeping President Donald Trump in the White House.”

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Rolling News

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Irish-American Trump supporters could also buy a host of Irish merchandise on the official Trump campaign website, including a green and gold "Keep America Great" baseball hat, an "Irish Americans for Trump" t-shirt, and a set of two "Trump Luck of the Irish" shot glasses with Trump's name stamped inside a shamrock. 

Biden, meanwhile, held a conference call for Irish Americans across America to mark the unusually quiet St. Patrick's Day. 

The former vice president, who frequently references his Irish heritage, has already won the endorsements of some high-profile Irish-Americans. 

Former US Ambassador to Ireland Kevin O'Malley, philanthropist Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, and current and former Irish-American congress members such as Brendan Boyle and Chris Dodd have coalesced behind Biden. 

On Tuesday, John McCarthy, the Biden Campaign's national political director, was joined by senior members of the Biden team to speak about the importance of Irish values in American politics at present. 

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