All is not well in Clinton land as President Biden has refused to acknowledge the former president and his extraordinary role in the Irish peace process during his travels around Northern Ireland and Ireland this week.

Former US Senator George Mitchell has been hailed many times by Biden this week, but never the man who granted the US visa to Gerry Adams in 1994 - a critical act that made his work possible.

Biden also leaned into his ongoing love affair with the Kennedy clan this week, phoning Ethel Kennedy from Northern Ireland on Tuesday to wish her a happy birthday, and making plenty of references to former President John F. Kennedy's famous 1963 visit to Ireland.

But mention of Clinton's work on the Irish peace process has been notably absent.

In effect, Biden has overshadowed Clinton on turf that the Clinton folk thought as theirs.

It is a strange development. Biden was never a central figure in the Irish peace process but has upstaged Clinton on the latter's turf.

Clinton is due in Northern Ireland next week to take part in a major conference in Belfast marking the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. 

Relations have been bad since Hillary leap-frogged Biden to win Obama's support for the US presidency in 2016. However, the wounds are still dearly visible on the Biden side.

Will Biden finally make mention of Clinton and his work in Northern Ireland during his final stop in Ireland - his ancestral homeland of Ballina, Co Mayo - later tonight? Only time will tell.