Critical of Brexit, Adam Price calls for a renewed vision of Europe

Adam Price, leader of the Welsh political party Plaid Cymru, spoke in Dublin on Friday at the Institue of International and European Affairs.

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In his speech, Price raised the possibility of a united Celtic nation forming in the wake of Brexit.

A pleasure to meet with Uachtarán Shinn Féin @MaryLouMcDonald today to discuss future cooperation between Wales and Ireland, #Brexit and the impact it will have on our respective nations. gbwls

Lots of opportunities to work together and share ideas in the future!

— Plaid Cymru (@Plaid_Cymru) January 11, 2019

“I believe that Wales and Ireland has a good deal to learn from each other, and a good deal to benefit from greater co-operation, especially during these dark days when we are being pulled asunder by Brexit," said Price.

"We hold out the prospect of being a political partner with Ireland in a great project for the 21st Century – a project made urgent by the Brexit debate – a project that is nothing less than a fundamental restructuring of political relationships across this western European archipelago."

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Price goes on to say that he and his party would support a second referendum on Brexit, ‘The People’s Vote,’ but insists that a ‘Remain’ vote would not mean a continuation of “the status quo.”

“A vote to Remain also has to be a vote to Reform, a vote to re-new and re-generate. It cannot be simply a vote for the Europe that presently exists. It must be for the Europe that can be – social, democratic, decentralized and diverse.”

“If Brexit takes place, there is likely to be an acceleration of moves in these directions. And, who knows there could be scope as well for much greater co-operation between the Celtic nations, even the formation of some kind of Celtic union.”

Price likened the possibility of a united Celtic nation to that of the Nordic Council.

"If #Brexit proceeds the centre cannot hold. Our vision is for a confederal relationship between the nations of the #UK, along the lines of that between the Nordic nations through the Nordic Council." @Adamprice @Plaid_Cymru

— IIEA (@iiea) January 10, 2019

“It will be composed of four nations, different to be sure, just as family members are different, different in size certainly, but treated equally, and enhancing their shared sovereignty through a partnership of equals and respect.”

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“Such a Celtic collaboration could ultimately involve the Northern Ireland Government when it is re-established.  It could establish, for example, a Celtic Development Bank for joint infrastructure investment projects in energy, transport, and communications.  This could look, for example, at financing the Tidal Lagoon project in Swansea Bay (linked to the Wales-Ireland interconnector) or the Celtic Sea Bridge between northern Ireland and Scotland.”

“Our vision is for a new society, for a new politics, a new Wales, a new Ireland, a new Scotland, a new England, and – Yes –a new Europe too.”

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