The Irish weather forecast is predicting up to a meter of snow in areas in the east of Ireland as Met Éireann extends the status red warning.

The Irish weather service Met Éireann has extended its status red weather alert in areas to the east of Ireland until 6pm on Friday evening. Parts of Leinster are expected to receive up to a meter in snowfall overnight as Storm Emma and the Beast from the East continue to wage war on the country, sending temperatures spiraling below zero.

“Southern and eastern coastal counties expected to receive exceptionally high accumulations,” reads the red alert for Leinster and Munster while Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal have been placed on red alert until 6 m Friday morning, escaping the brunt of the snowy and icy conditions.

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The Status Red serve weather warning has been extended by Met Eireann to 6pm tomorrow for Leinster and Munster. Red alert for other parts until 6am
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— Fergal O'Brien (@FergalOBrienTV3) March 1, 2018

As Ireland prepared itself for a direct hit from Storm Emma on Thursday, the blizzard traveled in from the Bay of Biscay. Sixty-mile-an-hour winds, snow drifts and whiteout conditions were predicted for most or all of the island.

The country had already been placed on lockdown on Wednesday with most offices and schools closed. The general public was warned to remain inside from 4pm on Thursday as flights were canceled and all public transport stopped. Up to 15 inches of snow is expected between 3pm Thursday and Friday morning. Gardaí (Irish police) has warned not to leave your home unless it is an emergency.

“What is certain is that we’re obviously in for very serious weather conditions especially in eastern and southern areas,” Met Éireann’s Evelyn Cusack said.

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Blizzard conditions will extend through Leinster, Munster & Connacht overnight in strong and gusty northeasterly winds; the heaviest snowfall will be along eastern & southern counties. Snow through Ulster will be mainly from showers. Lowest temperatures will be around 0 to -4°C

— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) March 1, 2018

Cusack expects the snow to “feed in continuously for 24 hours” while warning that “amounts of up to one meter of snow in eastern areas – with a knock-on effect of flooding throughout the days

Stores are expected to remain closed throughout Friday and most public transport is set to cease until Saturday at the earliest. The public is advised to layer up even when indoors and yo prepare plenty of hot drinks and meals. Hospital emergency departments are still open but people are advised to contact the emergency services instead of attempting to travel themselves.

We’re asking people across the country to be home by 4pm.

— Eoghan Murphy (@MurphyEoghan) March 1, 2018

Power cuts have also begun around the country as the ESB work to restore dropped power lines. Crews may have difficulties in working in the bad conditions overnight, however, and so it is advised to make sure necessary electric devices are fully charged this evening.

Big thanks to @ESBNetworks for braving the conditions to help restore power it’s much appreciated. #BeastFromTheEast

— Colm Halpin (@Colm_Halpin) March 1, 2018

Elsewhere in Europe and the Beast from the East has claimed several lives on the mainland continent and in the United Kingdom. The youngest victim in the UK was a seven-year-old girl. The Armed Forces were called to assist in the UK on Thursday as the death toll rose to ten people on the coldest spring day on record. South Wales and southwest England are also on red alert.