Even in the worst snow storm in 36 years this man isn't going to skip his morning stroll - hi-vis jacket, shorts and all!

Us Irish are a hardy bunch but this Longford man taking his morning stroll and a pair of shorts in the worst snow storm in 36 years, Storm Emma, takes the biscuit!

Tom Skelly, wasn’t going to let anything stop him taking to the streets and pounding the Ballymahon, County Louth pavements on Thursday morning, just hours before Ireland goes into official “snow curfew” due to an onslaught of blizzard.

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Driving by, Enda Gerety, clearly couldn’t resist taking the video, which he later submitted to the Irish Independent.

Gerety said "It’s not uncommon to see Tom in shorts, but in the snow storm, he really took the biscuit!"

"I decided to pull up and have the craic with him.

"I figured men like Tom Skelly aren’t made anymore and I wanted to show off our local legend. He’s a great character. One of the best."