Storm Emma is giving Ireland’s March 2018 a snowy, chilly start as the country stockpiles up on bread, milk and many, many jokes ahead of the severe weather warnings.

While Ireland may now be suffering from a severe bread and milk shortage, one thing the country’s not sparse on this week is a multitude of jokes to help get through the worry over the expected “Beast from the East” and Storm Emma collision.

Yes, Storm Emma looks set to put the early months of 2018 down in the Irish weather record books as one of the worst snow storms we've ever seen and while there is a certain amount of battening down the hatches going on, there’s still plenty of craic to be had!

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In general, people are prepped and ready for the worst to happen:

It’s on the way and Dessie is putting the word out...#MetEireann #TheSnapper #sneachta #BeastFromTheEast #Ireland #Dublin #Snow #Snowmageddon

— Gary Rothery (@GarRodders) February 27, 2018

With the #BeastFromTheEast due to bring snow and ice to Ireland #NeverForget our fallen comrade! Who’ll be Ireland’s next unwitting celebrity?!

— Colum Cronin (@ColumUCD) February 26, 2018

I think at this rate Ireland should be renamed "Weather Warning" ❄️🌪️☔️#BeastFromTheEast

— Lorna Jinx (@LornaJinx) February 27, 2018

The panic shopping is being taken to a whole new level by some:

Image: Snapchat/Joe Mulraney

Image: Snapchat/Joe Mulraney

I’ve just been panic shopping in advance of #BeastFromTheEast ireland , came home with a gorgeous pair of evening shoes, mascara, a mini donut,milk and a roast chicken! #stormready

— Susie Dardis (@soosied) February 25, 2018

Aww Jaysus Ireland please never change. #TheBeastFromTheEast #BeastFromTheEast ❄❄❄😂😂😂

— Fintan Marron (@FintanMusic) February 26, 2018

#BeastFromTheEast ireland #Snowmageddon @MetEireann #IrishWeather

— Ashley⚡🎹 (@Synthronicity) February 25, 2018

Went to @lidl_ireland today & it was busy with people stocking up for the impending #BeastFromTheEast

My shopping list:
Enough Tea bags for a year
6 Gallons of Milk
Easter eggs
More Chocolate
Bread for an entire army
Oh & one carrot 😂#justkidding #kindof

— Danielle Loftus (@Lilliwhiterose) February 26, 2018

Well, this certainly explains the need for all the bread (this means “ham sandwich” for those unfamiliar with eating ham sandwiches from the back of your car at the bog or at a GAA match):

Explainer: Harsh weather survivability in Ireland is measured in HSI (Hang Sangwich Index). This means for any weather warning of Orange or greater every household is supposed to maintain a minimum HSI of 8 (8 Hang Sandwiches per person per day) #BeastFromTheEast

— Conor O'Carroll (@AhHere) February 27, 2018

There's gonna be alot of well fed ducks in Ireland if this snow doesn't turn up anytime soon! #BeastFromTheEast

— Danny Joyce (@DannyJoyce84) February 27, 2018

Irish stores are getting in on the action and have some vital shopping advice:

Get ready and stock up - in stores now! #BeastFromTheEast

— Lidl Ireland (@lidl_ireland) February 26, 2018

The weather report also had some rather odd advice, although we'd always recommend stocking up on Tayto:

Starting to snow here .... fantastic advice here from RTE weather ... #BeastFromTheEast ireland #beastfromtheeast #Snowing

— Caz (@Cazdoestweets) February 27, 2018

Nothing will ever stop an Irish Mammy from getting her washing out to dry on the line:

All Irish Mammys this coming week!!! 😂 #BeastFromTheEast #snow #Ireland

— SarahJane (@84sarahjane) February 25, 2018

Irish people living in places where this kind of snow is simply the norm have been having a good laugh at the panic:

Dear Ireland: #BeastFromTheEast = Boston from December 1st to March 1st. Sincerely, The Ugly American

— Larry Donnelly (@LarryPDonnelly) February 26, 2018

What’s the best Storm Emma joke you’ve seen so far? How are the preparations going in your area?