A major US conference hosted by IrishCentral, on March 15, will seek to explain the complex issue and point a way forward for Brexit. Follow our updates below. 

Join IrishCentral live from New York today, March 15, as we bring you “Understanding Brexit.”

Among the speakers are Irish Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan; House Ways and Means Chairman, Congressman Richie Neal; Senator and former US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland during the peace process, George Mitchell; British Consul General Anthony Philipson, who is also Director of International Trade in the US; Irish Consul General Ciaran Madden; Martin Shanahan CEO IDA Ireland, and Ed Luce, Washington columnist for The Financial Times.

We'll be bringing you updates throughout the day, below. 

We're at the Harvard Club in the heart of New York City for the IrishCentral 'Understanding #Brexit' event. pic.twitter.com/227abifqbn

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

9 am: First speaker is Ciaran Madden, Consul General of Ireland, who talks about the strength of Ireland as member of the European Union. 

"Ireland is resolutely European," he states.

"Ireland is better socially, economically and culturally because of our membership in the European Union … We’re better for it."

"Ireland is resolutely European … Ireland is better socially, economically and culturally because of our membership in the European Union … We’re better for it." @maddenciaran1 @IrelandinNY pic.twitter.com/LaDfGElToE

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

"Our mission is to serve the diaspora … We encourage you if you have ideas on how you want to leverage the assets we have … to serve the community." - @Liammlynch pic.twitter.com/ZSGktlbRKU

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Irish Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan:

"We didn’t ask for change but we need to accept that change is happening." - @CharlieFlanagan @DeptJusticeIRL pic.twitter.com/eBaRshsYBj

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

"“We still have a long way to go in building deeper reconciliation...a hard border would set us back significantly.” - @CharlieFlanagan @DeptJusticeIRL pic.twitter.com/uFMeBCeoa2

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

“I want to be very clear this morning: Ireland will continue to be a full member of the EU with all the benefits of the single market and the customs union” - @CharlieFlanagan pic.twitter.com/OgocSm8fYZ

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Panel 1 - Brexit - The Impact on the US Ireland and the UK

Moderator - Ted Smyth, Chairman, Glucksman Ireland House NYU


Amy Chozick, Political Reporter, The New York Times

“It’s not an issue Trump wants to talk about right now...he was initially very proud with himself for predicting Brexit...” - @amychozick / The New York Times pic.twitter.com/H5e0posg4c

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Ed Luce, National Editor, The Financial Times

"If there were a trade deal … what would the US want from a trade deal from Britain?" - @EdwardGLuce / @washingtonpost pic.twitter.com/fb0KCbM5zw

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Suzanne Lynch, Washington Correspondent, The Irish Times

"Nobody expected the backstop to become a significant issue but it is." - @suzannelynch1 / Washington Correspondent @IrishTimes pic.twitter.com/YkLZBqOrU9

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Danny McCoy, CEO, Irish Business and Employers Confederation

"The damage done to Britain in the past two years may not have been felt in the high street but has been felt by investment." - Danny McCoy, CEO, @ibec_irl pic.twitter.com/hK2gHajxw1

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Maureen Mitchell, Director, Sterling National Bank

“Markets dislike uncertainty and there’s been profound uncertainty now for the last two and a half years.” - Maureen Mitchell, Director, Sterling National Bank. pic.twitter.com/0BCmPUmVfa

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Panel 2 - Brexit and Business

Moderator - Niall O’Dowd, Founder, Irish Central

“..We have a long climb back to reinstate good relations with the UK ... now we appear to be on the way back down.” - @NiallODowd Founder, @IrishCentral pic.twitter.com/U7s6Dpx5vp

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019


Patricia Etzold, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"I think what Brexit certainly did was to move companies out of their comfort zone. "

Shaun Kelly, Global Chief Operations Officer, KPMG

“I sense business people are very frustrated with the uncertainty ... From the amount of energy, time and resources dedicated to this discussion.” - Shaun Kelly, Global Chief Operations Officer, @KPMG pic.twitter.com/xad6YHPN3j

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Antony Phillipson, Her Majesty’s Consul General & Trade Commissioner for North America

“The Brexit vote was not an effort by the British people to damage our relationship with Ireland but to change our relationship in the EU” - @AJPhillipson, British Consul General. pic.twitter.com/h3dM2KCEF8

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

Mark Redmond, Chief Executive, American Chamber of Commerce Ireland

"There isn’t a parish, town or community in Ireland that is not benefitting from US investment … it is not going away."

Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland

“Brexit is not what Ireland would have wanted. We don't believe it’s good for Ireland, the UK or Europe but we respect the decision of the people of the UK. ” - @MartinDShanahan, CEO @IDAIRELAND pic.twitter.com/GzC8pA4Cm6

— IrishCentral (@IrishCentral) March 15, 2019

You can watch George Mitchell's keynote speech live here:

We are live with George Mitchell, former US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, who was instrumental to the creation of the Good Friday Agreement. He will speak on Brexit and Northern Ireland.

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You can watch Congressman Richard Neal's keynote speech live here:

We're live with Congressman Richie Neal, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which will oversee U.S.-U.K. trade deals after Brexit.

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U.S. Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) speaks at an event also attended by Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and leading Irish Americans at the Phoenix Park Hotel May 8, 2007, in Washington DC. Mark Wilson/Getty Images