Irish would rather cut ties with the United Kingdom than Europe and want the Irish government to remain strong on no hard border, even if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

A recent poll carried out by the British TV company, Sky News, shows that 66% of Irish people now have a less favorable view of the United Kingdom as a result of Brexit. However, 26% say Brexit has made no difference.

The poll shows that half of Irish people also now have a less favorable view of Northern Ireland’s Unionists because of Brexit. Sixteen percent said their view of the Unionists was more favorable and more than a quarter said Brexit did not make a difference.

The poll, taken by 1,611 Republic of Ireland Sky customers, showed that the majority want the Irish government to hold their ground over the Northern Ireland border backstop, even with a risk of a no-deal scenario.

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The backstop refers to an insurance policy to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the case where a free-trade deal between the United Kingdom and European Union is not reached by March 29.

Seventy-nine percent of Irish believe the Irish government would hold out for a legal guarantee that there will be no hard border and just 7% think that the government should avoid a no-deal Brexit.

The results also showed that 81% of Irish would rather completely cut ties with the United Kingdom than with the European Union.

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