Irish journalist and news anchor Caitríona Perry has announced her second book, The Tribe: The Inside Story of Power and Influence in America.

The from Tammany Hall to the Four Horsemen, the Irish have long been renowned for their political power in America, particularly in the Democratic party. 

But is that still true today, especially in Trump's America? 

RTÉ news anchor Caitríona Perry's upcoming second book will delve into the present reality of Irish American power brokers, political influencers, and voters in the United States. 

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From 2013 - 2017 - a turbulent time in American politics, to say the least - Perry served as the Irish national broadcaster's Washington Correspondent & Bureau Chief in DC. In her first book, In America: Tales from Trump Country, published in October 2017, Perry applied her valuable perspective as an outsider to analyzing Trump's rise to the Oval Office. 

With her second book, The Tribe, Perry will examine what it means to be Irish today in American politics, and the sensitive question of whether the Irish are still politically influential. 

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"Once considered to be kingmakers in local and national elections, generations of assimilation and rising numbers of newer immigrants have diluted their power and influence," the description reads. 

"Leading Republicans and Democrats, including Senators, Congressmen and women, and Vice Presidents, explain that they no longer target a notional ‘Irish voting bloc’, that the concept has long faded." 

The Tribe also tackles the assumption held by many in Ireland that the Irish in America are Democrats, interviewing conservative Irish American Republicans and "President Trump’s Green Army, who are Red and Green and Proud."

On Twitter, Perry shared that the book will be out in October and will explore "the Irish in US politics, feat. interviews from the grassroots up to the #OvalOffice." 

Excited to say my 2nd book is out this October! ‘#TheTribe:The Inside Story of Irish Power &Influence in America’ explores the Irish in US politics,feat. interviews from the grassroots up to the #OvalOffice. Preorder

— Caitriona Perry (@CaitrionaPerry) August 8, 2019

Since returning to Ireland, Perry has anchored RTÉ's Six One news hour. She is currently on maternity leave after welcoming her first child, a daughter, in July. 

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